Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Angels sang when I first applied the creamy stick of color

I was an awkward teenager, like the majority of girls (I think the majority of women go through this.). I never really felt pretty when I was younger. Now, I have grown to appreciate my chipmunk cheeks and Medusa hair; there is no other option than to love the skin I am in. It takes more energy to hate and alter myself.

Anyway, during my tenure of envying the smooth-haired girls who were born with straight teeth and prominent cheekbones, I was introduced to the magic of lipstick by happenstance. I vaguely remember the entire day, but several details are forever branded in my brain. I remember a mirror, a green tube of Avon lipstick, and a label with the word "crimson" etched on it. I also remember the smell; the lipstick subtlety smelled of floral chemicals used to mask the waxy chemicals, romantic I know. The color was just as the name stated: red, harlot red. You see, this was a moment of self-discovery; I was on the cusp of becoming a teenager, and I was living on a hot and humid island that liked to distress my incredibly curly hair and coax my pores into a revolution. I attended an Evangelical private school that freaked out when I brought in a book about Native American religion. I was caught in between following the rules and rebeling against them by rolling up my skirt so that I could show a little of my honey-colored knee.

Enter the Crimson lipstick, the cornerstone to my self-discovery. I think Queen Fierce gave this lippie to me, maybe just to play around, but I took this mofo seriously. Ensconced in my insecurity, I went against my inner critic and applied this vibrant red color. Suddenly, my inner enemy didn't seem so intimidating. I started to appreciate who I saw in the mirror. The red lipstick highlighted the door to my most prized weapon: my voice. I fell in love with the lipstick. I fell in love with the smoothness, the glide, the manufactured scent, the feeling of vibrancy. I know, it was just a lipstick, but it meant so much more.

I wore the lipstick the next day to school (Queen Fierce let me wear it because she figured I would eventually get tired of it. I did eventually, but I have returned to it.) My teacher scolded me, but I never relented. In fact, it got to a point where the librarian (I used to volunteer in the library during recess) gave me a brand new red lipstick during the holidays: it was Revlon Rococo. One day, a guy called my a whore. The power of red gave me the strength to tell him off. I discovered an inner strength and an inner appreciation, all because of a beautiful red lipstick at the age of 12, maybe 13.

I have ventured into the diverse world of lipstick colors, but I still have a warm spot for red lipsticks. Now I have a collection of lipsticks, and whenever I am in a poopy mood, I swing by the drugstore and explore the lipstick colors.

One of my favorite drugstore lipsticks is the Revlon Super Lustrous line. These are wonderfully moisturizing, they are highly pigmented and they don't dry the lips at all. They last about 4 hours with regular lip action (heavy kissing will cut your time by 3.5 hours, but at least it will look great smeared all over your and your partner's lips). The lippies are incredibly creamy and they have a lovely sheen. These lippies just glide on the lips. They don't have a taste, but they do have a scent. The scent is not floral or fruity (I don't like those), it's more like a neutralizer that helps subdue the natural scent of waxes, pigments etc. It is nothing offensive, but if you have a sensitive nose, then it is something to consider. The scent doesn't last long, once applied I can't smell the lipstick at all. The colors do not change on my lips, they stay true. I really haven't come across a warm color I didn't like. I really love to buy these treats when the drugstore has them on a BOGO sale. I have a field day!

5 out of 5 happy wallets
Price: $7.99 (by it on sale!)

Any fun stories about your first makeup encounters?

revlon lippies

revlon 1st half

2nd half revlon


Alyson said...

I had no idea revlon SLs are that pigmented! Btw, do they smell the same as the glosses?

T said...

This is where I fail. I don't have any of the lipglosses because they make my lips itch. I used to own one, but I don't remember the scent. I'm sorry.

Elvira said...

I love this post. Thanks so much for a great story. I adore red lipstick too. I wear it more in the winter and fall but I have plenty. Some neat high end ones to check out are made by Besame. (I think they might be having a sale or something. lol) Red lipstick is their specialty. Red Hot Red would look awesome on you! Be warned, they are tiny but they pack quite a punch when it comes to pigment. Thanks again for a great post!

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