Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wig out! Le Wig c'est chic...

I have really short hair now. When it was long it would take an entire day for it to dry; now it only takes 30 minutes. My hair is crazy curly, not just curly, CRAZY curly. When I thought it could not get more cumbersome, hormones decided to attack full throttle, and BOOM, my hair got curlier. Meanwhile, my sister's hair, let's call her "The Grrl" (she is fierce), was getting straighter. Oh, and she never gets pimples...WTF, dude?

I love my curls, but sometimes, I just need a change. I just want to get up and go and I don't want to endure the punishment my hair unleashes just because I want to sleep on a pillow covered by a cotton pillowcase. I have tried sleeping with my head propped up, it doesn't work.
Anyway, enter Rihanna. I have to admit she has great beats, and her voice can be manipulated to sound okay. Her hair can definitely be manipulated to look friggin' edgy and badass too. I can't believe I am admitting to this, but I was inspired by (sighs heavily)... her. I have been constantly trying to marry a look that says "BRING ITTTTTT," while serving a delicate cup of tea at the same time. I thought mimicing her haircut would do the trick. This attempt went incredibly wrong.

When Rihanna showed up to a European awards show, I can't remember which one, she was sporting the now haircut she has. It is pretty much short all over except in the front, where she has long bangs. It's emoish with a tinge of pop punk lite, and I wanted it. I went to my newfound stylist (I had gone to her before and I was satisfied with her work) and showed her the pic. Since my hair is curly, I would need a mild relaxer. I had had relaxers before, and I had never had a problem. NEVERRRR! She gave me the relaxer, the haircut, and the blow out. I looked SWEET in a take-no-prisoners way.

Well, after a week and a half, I noticed that I was shedding hair more than I usually do. I just figured it was hormonal. However, as the days passed I noticed it got worse. One morning when I was organizing my life, I felt my head and noticed that I had a bald spot the size of a quarter, and growing. Long story short, my mom (Queen Fierce) and I think that there are three possibilities (1) Too strong of a relaxer, (2) Relaxer left on for way too long or combed it down too much, (3) allergic reaction to the relaxer. I had to cut my hair short before it continued to fall out. I was rocking the Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby, and I still am. I enjoy short hair. I like to dedicate more time to my face than my hair, so it works for me. However, since I can't lift my arm and have my hair grow like my old dolls (remember those dolls. "Wow! Watch her hair grow!"), I have to find new ways to have fun with short hair.

And so, now, I am O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with wigs. I just got one at a local beauty supply shop for $30, and I am really having fun with it. My husband doesn't know where to look when I where it. He gets a little wigged out (padum pam. Horrible, I know. But seriously, how often do you walk into such an obvious pun?). I think I might eventually get another one. When I feel like short, I rock the natural. When I feel like long, I rock the wig. When I feel like tricking the neighbor in making them think that "the scholar" (I like to call my husband that because he is back in school) has moved on and met a sassy, well-tressed chica, I rock the bob.

Has anyone else worn wigs for fun or any other reason? Any affordable brands I should look for? Good websites? Any nightmare hair stories? Do share!

Here is a pic of my locks.

The Bob


Anonymous said...

Hi T,
I must say that you are ROCKING that wig. I simply love it! What a great way to have fun and look sensational. Your make up work is delicious. Since I began reading your blog I have decided to do more than a little powder and lipstick. Because of my age my face is loosing some of its natural oils and glow, what do you recommend? To imitate you I also want to keep it frugal.
Your new found gray-haired friend,

T said...

Hi Consuelo,
First moisturize. As the skin get older it loses its elasticity and moisture, so we have to always be aware of the importance of replenishment. Dove Essential has a lovely moisturizer with spf 15 for the day. At night you can indulge is a creamier moisturizer. Avon has a moisturizer that works well for night, Avon Moisture 24.

As far as foundation, a tinted moisturizer would work well because it even outs the skin, adds moisture, and feels light. In addition, it will provide a dewy luminosity that sometimes powder does not do. mark. has a nice sheer tinted moisturizer (c-thru), Wet n' Wild's tinted moisturizer has great reviews, provided you find the right shade. Neutrogena and Physicians Formula have great tinted moisturizers too.

Blush is a nice touch too. It will provide the final step in adding glow and health. I would go with a cream blush, which can be applied after the tinted moisturizer. Revlon has great ones as well as NYX and Wet n' Wild.

You can definitely set and retouch with a light, light dusting of the powder you already have at then end. A big powder brush works best.