Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shall we dance, Hollywood? No we shan't!

I have just seen the most charming movie. Do you remember when JLo and Richard Gere teamed up to make "Shall We Dance?" Everyone talked about it. Oh, JLo! Oh, Richard! Hit! Hit! Hit!
Blah...I had heard that the Hollywood version was a remake of the 1995 Japanese original.

Why does Hollywood insist on recreating something that was already fantastic. The original "Shall We Dance?" is full of life, enchantment, passion, and energy; whereas, the Hollywood version just totally fell flat for me. But then again, I don't really get excited when I see Richard Gere with his one facial expression and JLo with her "meh" moves. You know how people say that things sometimes get lost in translation? Well this transition is a true example of that saying. Hollywood pretty much stays true to the script and scene of the original(like seriously, it's like they watched the original and just copied it. Actually, it isn't "like" they copied it, they actually did copy it), but unfortunately the sentiments don't feel genuine.

The original made me "awww," jump for joy, shrink in embarrassment, yelp in excitement. Lovely, lovely, lovely. You can actually feel the actors fall in love with the magic of dancing. I think it also helps that I am not familiar with the actors. In the Hollywood version, it's the So-and-So dancing, it's JLo and Gere dancing, which unfortunately hurts the story. Oh, and Aoki (he is the character Stanley Tucci plays in the remake) is FANTASTIC. I LOVE him!

If you get a chance, please do yourself the favor of renting the 1995 original version of Shall We Dance? I do not think you will regret it!!

Do you hear me, Mr. Serenity (also known as papi), you have to put this on your Netflix list! STAT!

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