Saturday, July 26, 2008


I just received two new flip for it's from mark. These are those neat palettes that mark. started releasing about a year and a half ago, maybe two years ago I can't remember. These cases are matte as opposed to the shiny ones before. One problem, I have a hard time matching the shades to the name. These are coming out next month, which is right around the corner.

Anywho, I just wanted to show the pretty colors. I will give a more in depth review a little later. I am watching the Nancy Drew movie right now, and she is about to crack the case.

London and South Beach--eyes, blush


London (green case, one left of the picture)
Eyeshadow 1--Picadilly
Eyeshadow 2--London Bridge
Cheek--Cameo Glo (this is in the regular collection)

Lipcolor 1--proper kiss (that's what I'm talking about)
Lipcolor 2--watermelon
Lip gloss 1--west end pout
Lip gloss 2--Queenie

South Beach(blue case, on right of the picture)
Eyeshadow 1--Ocean Drive
Eyeshadow 2--Deco
Cheek--Golden Glo (this is in the regular collection)

Lipcolor 1--Rumba
Lipcolor 2--Guava
Lip gloss 1--collins drive
Lip gloss 2--flamingo


South Beach


Tanya Annette said...

Yes!!!!!! I'm so excited! I ordered London this week :D Looks perfect!

T said...

They are really nice and highly pigmented! I think you will enjoy it!

marisol said...

LOL at the Nancy Drew comment.

I've never tried Mark products.

T said...

Marisol, the eyeshadows are pretty good. The products don't cost a lot so it doesn't hurt to try out some products. Their glosses are nice, and I enjoy their lipsticks too. I will include some reviews later.

That Nancy Drew, it's amazing she solved the case in less than an hour. She is clever! ;-)

Alyson said...

They look really cute. But I can't see buying them since I never use the flip for it palettes I already have! I am a bad mark rep.

T said...

I hear ya, Alyson. I got didn't get the last batch. I just love to throw these in the makeup bag when I am on travel. They are like toys, lol. I doubt you are a bad rep. In fact, I am pretty sure you are an awesome rep ;-).