Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lush eyelash boy, I will never forget you

I remember this one boy with whom I went to middle school. He was cute (in a little boy way. I just wanted to pinch his cheeks three times a day.), goofy, and he had the lushes set of eyelashes I have ever seen on ANYONE. It was crazy how lush his lashes were. Every time I looked at him, I was consumed with lash envy. I wanted to crawl out from behind my restrictive and unforgiving desk and catch any of his falling lashes. One of his lashes was the equivalent to 10 of my lashes. Alas, none of his lashes would fall out (Did I mention he was greedy?), and I was left depending on the science of mascara.

Present time:
Enter Maybelline Colossal Volume Express mascara in Glam, that's right, Glam Black. This mascara comes in a yellow tube and "Colossal" is imprinted largely on the tube. Like the Cover Girl Lash Blast tube, it is not discreet. Interestingly, the mascara brush is not like the prickly, spiky brushes we are seeing more frequently (even Revlon has re-released their Lash Fantasy mascara). Maybelline decided to use the regular bristle brush. The brush itself does appear to be fatter, but the bristles are more separated. I imagine this is to avoid clumps on the lashes. The formula is thin and mousse-like. When applied to the lashes, it glides on, but it really doesn't do anything earth-shattering to volumize more than its competitors. My lashes do look more prominent than without mascara, but I did notice that the lashes clumped. I have to use a lash comb to make the lashes look as lush as my classmate's. Actually, I was more impressed with Lash Blast's work.

After the formula dries on my lashes, my lashes don't feel as stiff as when I am wearing other mascaras. Colossal did not flake, nor smudge during the day. The handle is easy to maneuver around the eye, as opposed to the sometimes cumbersome Lash Blast. There is an interesting smell to the Colossal formula. It smells like plastic and that material dentists use to create molds of your teeth. Also, as far as the "glam" goes, well I don't know where the "glam" is coming from to start with; it's just a regular dark black. So, yeah...

3.5 our of 5

Price $6.99 at CVS (I did get it on sale for $4.99)

I was more impressed with Lash Blast. This is not a bad mascara, but it is not amazing either. Just an average mascara with a fat brush. The package claims to provide 9 times the volume. How do we even measure that?

Bare Eye
eye without Maybelline Colossal

Colossal eye
maybelline colossal

Comparison (it might not be fair because the lash blast is several months old)
lash blast and colossal

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