Monday, July 28, 2008

I think Hellboy could rock the London palette...

So, I went to see Hellboy this week. It was a fun summer movie; I didn't leave depressed and pensive like I did after The Dark Knight. You know, Christian Bale is wonderful and all, but seriously, 2.5 hours of intense insanity is not really a summer flick. It's more like reading the newspaper, watching Fox news, and Nancy Grace all at once.

Okay, on to the mark. London palette.
This palette is Lovely. The dark shade is a matte, deep grape shade, which is rich in pigment. The shadow is smooth, and very blendable. The lighter is a lovely, shimmery taupe shade, which also glides on the lid. These colors work really well together, and you could definitely work these into different looks. I tend to always do the darker outer corner and contouring, but the styles are endless. The two eyeshadows are new (although they might have been around before I joined mark in 2006. Mark. sometimes revives colors). The shadows are long lasting. The blush, however, is not new. I have to say that I was a little disappointed when I saw that the blush was cameo glo, which I already have. However, since I really like the shadows, I won't fully hold it against mark. for recycling colors.

The lippies are, as always, on the sheer side. They still provide a nice hue, but don't expect full pigment or coverage. I really like the deeper plum gloss, on my lips it looks more pinkish. The top left nude shade neutralizes some of the natural pigment in lips, but it's not a full-on nude. The top right pink shade is like the nude, but with a pinker shade. Nothing grand or special; they are just pretty, moisturizing, sheer lip glosses. Good news, they aren't as heavy on the grape scent. However, they still have a sweet taste to them.

I enjoy these flip for its because they are perfect for travel. During my heavy duty traveling days, I would just throw the flips for its in the makeup bag along with my foundation and mascara and go. You really just "need" one. At this point I just like to collect them if I like the colors, but these are not necessities. They are fun toys for makeup lovers.

If you are new to mark., maybe start with individual products. If you are all about collecting, this is a great addition: the eyeshadows are beautiful and the portability is excellent).

3.5 out of 5 happy wallets (Taking off for the repeat blush and the higher price.)
Price: $20.00 (the price went up $2.00)

NYX Doll Eyes Volume mascara

whoops! messy brows

Everyday Minerals Buttered Tan semi-matte foundation (don't worry it doesn't look this light IRL), London palette (the berry gloss).

Tip of the Day: When picking your nose in public, be sure to look around beforehand. If you happen to get caught. Square off and challenge the person with your eyes, "Yeah, I had something in my nose and I was too desperate to wait. Whatcha gonna do about it?" Then quickly run away and pray to God you don't see the person again. Next time, wait until you are in private, although running is an excellent exercise.


marisol said...

What a pretty eye combo.

Your tip of the day rocks!

T said...

thanks, lady! don't worry, more tips to come ;-)

Alyson said...

Love the shadows...did you have the old i-mark in Catwalk? Do you know how it compares to this grape colored shadow?

T said...

Aly, I do have catwalk. Catwalk is a brighter, more vibrant purple that has a touch of reddish shimmer.

The new shadow definitely is deeper and more blue based (at least it looks like that to me). It is what would commonly be known as a deep grape. Also the new shadow is matte.

Let me know if you want a swatch comparison.

Tanya Annette said...

I'm seriously excited :D Everything looks fabulous on you!

T said...

Thanks, Tanya! :-)

Alyson said...

That is so strange. I have 2 Catwalks and they're both matte. o.0

T said...

Aly, the only thing I can think of is that I receive this in a swap and it was crushed. So maybe in mixed with remnants of another shadow. :-(