Tuesday, July 22, 2008

make your mark... on your credit card

I am a dysfunctional mark. representative. I must divulge this before I review some mark. products. Mark. has a ranking of their sellers, and I am nowhere on the list...nowhere. I have maybe sold a total of $50 in the two years that I have been a rep (thanks, The Grrl!). It's not that I don't want to sell, but I just don't want the three friends that I have to run away from me. My sister doesn't really have an option. She can run away, but only temporarily. So I always have a magalog for her, and she probably buries it at the bottom of her drawers.

Well, one day I will fill an order other than mine. I will say this, I am honest about what works and doesn't work the for the brand. There are some things that I would not recommend to anyone, and there are other products that I rave about.

So here we go...I have indulged in a mark. haul, and I must say that I despite my skepticism I am really happy about my purchases.

My new products
glow baby glow lip gloss in "blow kisses" (hmm, PG naughty)
glow baby glow lip gloss in "girly girl"
mini mark it lip stick in "berry" (I love this so much, I am practically eating this thing)
mini mark it lip stick in "apricot"
mini mark it eye stick in "shell"
mini mark it eye stick in "pink sand"
mini mark it eye stick in "cocoa bean"
mini mark it eye stick in "marina"
custom pick e/s in "whisper"
custom pick e/s in "gioia"
custom pick e/s in "espresso"
custom pick e/s in "latte"
Good glowing blush in "star glo"

The mark it eye and lip sticks are new, they came out last month, I believe. The eyeshadows, except for "gioia" are new releases. They are out this month. "Star Glo" is old, but new to me.

Blow Kisses and Girly Girl glosses
These are really nicely pigmented. Blow Kisses is a blue based red that just screams, "Look at my lips, love my lips, caress my lips, kiss my lips...." The rest is R-rated and involves a certain person who buries himself in books, and if he is not available then a certain person who dresses like a bat at night. The glosses aren't sticky, but they are highly moisturizing and pretty long lasting. They do have a minty scent, but they don't taste minty. The glosses glide on really nicely on the luscious lips. So you can work it to the max.
Girly Girl is a pretty, deep pink. This color is perfect for after the makeout session with the Scholar or the certain person who dresses as a bat at night. You can go ahead and apply this as you walk out of the dark alley where you "happen" to encounter an adventure on your lips. Best part, these hook up to any other hook up product you want. By the way, these glosses are not shimmery.

5 out 5 happy wallets

mini mark it sticks
They are about 2 inches long, and they are shimmery. These are not super creamy, they are definitely on the drier side of the NYX sticks. The pigment is not bad, they are sheer to medium color deposit. They don't spread incredibly easily when applied directly. You have to use a brush or your finger to spread the product. In addition, they don't blend as easily either because as mentioned before they are on the drier side. However, I must say that the blendability could also be because I use UDPP, which can make shadows more difficult to blend. When used with primer, theses babies last a good 8 hours without creasing. I like to layer these with shadows, they work very well when used under another shadow. Overall these are fun to experiment and to throw in the bag when you are in a rush. I have been keeping the makeup to a minimum these past several days, and it is so nice to just grab these, swipe, and go. If you are looking for something more substantial, I would go with the NYX sticks. In addition, you get more for less with NYX. These puppies are 6 bucks and they are short. If you use them a lot, then they definitely won't last for more than several weeks. My favorites are cocoa bean, shell and marina.

3.5 out of 5
Price $6.00

mini mark it sticks
These are the same size as the eye sticks. I thought these would be dry, but they are not. As a matter of fact, these feel like a solid gloss or a smooth lip stain. They spread really nicely, and feel very moisturizing. They don't have a smell or taste, and they offer a really pretty and subtle shine. I will say that the shimmer in these lip pencils is chunkier than the shimmer found in the mark lip gloss products. The color payoff is closer to sheer, but it does last longer than other glosses usually do. Overall, I was impressed with these cuties. As said before, these are short. I have been using "berry" for about two weeks, and I think it might only last me another two weeks with very heavy use. SOoOoo, the lifespan could be a drawback, but I love "berry" so much that I have no problem with it.

4 out of 5 happy wallets
price $6.00

These shadows are a wonderful addition to the collection. I am really enjoying the neutrals, most definitely. "Latte" is "My-lids-but-better" shade. "Espresso" is a deep brown, which is great for contouring or lining the eyes. "Whisper" is a light beigey color. It really isn't matte it is like a pearl. This works really well for a highlighting. These shadows are smooth, soft, nicely pigmented, and long-lasting. I have been wearing these shadows for almost two weeks, nonstop. Nice purchase.

5 out of 5 happy wallets

That's all I got for now. If there is anything you are want reviewed, let me know. Hopefully I can get my hands on it. Wishing you a happy face and an even happier wallet!

mark palette
(lips)blow kisses, girly girl, apricot, berry. (eyes)shell, marina, cocoa bean, pink sand. (Palette) whisper, gioia, espresso, latte.

eyeshadow swatches

eye sticks

mark gloss swatches

mark glosses

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