Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Night Fever

"Fireworks" by Anna Cervova

It's Friday!! I friggin' love Fridays! It's the day of promise for a better tomorrow, where you, if you have a 9 to 5/M-F, you don't have to wake up early the next day, drag yourself to work, and feel like you have just wasted another 8 hours of your life (dismal, I know. Don't worry, I am doing something about it.).

I cherish my Friday nights. I don't do anything outrageous because half the time I am too lazy to go out, plus I live in a place that well...feels like it has slim pickings. Anyway, I know that I talk to myself on this blog, but I figured I would throw out this question (maybe the Grrl can respond): What are your plans this Friday night? Any fun hauls planned this weekend? Movies?

Me, well the Scholar is in school this weekend, so I am going to chill. I have a romantic movie to watch, I have a moustache that needs to be waxed, nails that need to be done, ice cream that needs to be eaten, and the cherry on top, shirts that need to be ironed. I'm hoping there is at least one good love scene in the movie to make ironing my shirts worthwhile.

I'll throw in a snow cone for good measure, but hold the fluff (that's right, in my area people like their snow cones smothered in fluff. You would throw up if I described how the consistency feels in your mouth. *gags*).

I wish you a merry Friday!

Tip of the day: Narrate your morning routine to yourself when it involves hot appliances (e.g. "I am unplugging the curling iron."). That way when you are in your car, halfway to the office, you don't feel inclined to turn around and check if the curling iron was left on. Instead, you will say "Ahh, I announced to myself that I turned off the curling iron, so my house will not burn down due to that. Carry on."


Alyson said...

I do the announcing trick even when SO is around to hear me and he thinks I am muy loca. :D

T said...

LOL, it swear it helps me not turn around on my way to places ;-)