Thursday, July 24, 2008

Everyday Minerals, Everyday flawless

As mentioned before, I don't have the best of skin, but I make do with what I have. Due to my addiction to finding the best foundation for my needs, I decided to try out Everyday Minerals foundation a year ago. To be honest, with the exception with brief flings with other "new and improved" foundations, I have stayed extremely loyal to this line of foundations.

I never really squealed in enjoyment during the apex of the minerals craze. I remember always being intrigued by the Bare Minerals infomercials, but I resisted buying any minerals for about 10 years. First I started with Bare Minerals, because that was what was bombarding the industry. As a matter of fact, I thought that was the only minerals product around. Unfortunately, my face broke out, and I always looked plasticy and shiny.

Fortunately thanks to my adventures on several makeup boards and makeup blogs, I found out about Everyday Minerals. I was most intrigued with the possibility of finding a foundation that was longlasting with my super oily skin, yet at the same time felt light and offered full coverage. Oh, and it need to match my warm, yellow, with a touch of olive skintone. Tall order, I know. I figured I could risk the approximately $4 on a sample kit (the kit is actually free, all you pay is shipping. You get three foundation samples, one blush, and one concealer). It took several trials before I found the perfect match and the right formula(s).

Everyday Minerals offers four formulas (1) original glo, which is closes to the Bare Minerals formula; (2) semi-matte, a nice mix of original glo and matte formula, (3) matte, full on matte and it works really well with oily skin, (4) intensive, offers full coverage and it also does okay with oily skin. The beauty is that you can pick one formula or your can mix the formulas to work better for you. One thing the shades do deepen as the formulas become denser. So, Buttered Tan in matte is a touch lighter than Buttered Tan in intensive.

I gravitate towards the matte and intensive formulas. When I have awesome face days, but just need to even out the skin, I use semi-matte. I have noticed that the matte formula works a lot better in curbing and withstanding the oilies than the intensive formula. However, I really love the coverage of the intensive formula, so I mix the two formulas in the same shade and "Viola!" The loose powders' consistency is finely milled, silky, smooth. These powder, initially go on the skin quite densely, but they buff into the skin very nicely. It is just like when you apply the liquid foundation and then massage it in the skin. A little goes a long way, so start small and you can always layer more on. If you apply too much of the foundation it can get cakey, so definitely start small.

Alright, as for the shades, they have a nice variety. I am NC 35-40 in MAC studiofix. In Everyday Minerals the following shades work for me: Summer-Buttered Tan (matte/intensive); Spring-1/3 Buttered Tan (matte), 1/3 Buttered Tan (intensive), 1/3 Golden Medium (matte); Fall-the spring mixture or golden medium matte; Winter-Golden Medium (matte/intensive).

I really love how my skin looks when using this foundation. It looks even, smooth, and flawless. It might be the closest I will get to having perfect skin.

5 out of 5 happy wallets
Price: mini-$5.00; full: $12 (they have size descriptions here)

Oh, and you can get these in custom kits if you are interested in other products. I love using the EDM kabuki and flat top brushes with these foundations. Flat top offers max coverage.

EDM foundation

EDM swatches

Everyday Minerals Brushes


steph said...

Hi, I was happy with my golden medium and buttered tan semi matte, but I switch to intensive formula and I think they are much much darker than the semi matte, it looks orange! It doesn't even match my skin tone anymore. I should have purchased the samples first. What about the matte formula? Is it the same with semi matte or also much darker?

T said...

Hi Steph,

From my understanding, the shades get darker as the formulas get more intense. So, golden medium in intense was about the same as buttered tan in semi-matte. The matte formula is darker than the semi-matte, but not as dark as the intensive. Also, the matter formulas are more pigmented and not as easy to buff/blend. Really, I tend to mix a variety of formulas within the two shades (buttered tan and golden medium). I gravitate towards 1 part semi-matte to 1.5 parts matte, and a smidge of intensive if I need more color. It is just a matter of experimenting. The samples are the best option to decide.

I haven't bought from EDM in the longest time because I took advantage of their package deal, which I believe they don't have anymore, so I am pretty well stocked. Plus, I haven't worn EDM in quick sometime. Right now, I am favoring liquid foundation.

Hope that helped.

trisha said...


First off, thanks for this wonderful post! I'm just starting to get into EDM and so far so good. I've received my samples and I believe my closest matches are golden medium in intensive and buttered tan as well. Golden medium seems to blend in real well with my asian skin but I think it's still a tad bit too yellow on me. I tried buttered tan in intensive, but it can look a little dark and pinkish against my skin. I will definitely purchase another golden medium in intensive. I'm thinkinf about getting buttered tan in matte formula. Do you think the matte formula will be lighter than intensive and close to the golden medium tone? Thanks!

T said...

Hi, Trisha.
Thank you for the compliment. I totally understand your situation concerning the nuances of skintone and foundation hues. I go through the same thing.

As far as your question about formulation and EDM shades. To start, I did buy these formulations and shades about two years ago, so EDM might have changed/improved their shade quality (Not to say what I have is bad. It is great, but you know companies are always on a quest to improve.). Based on what I have, yes, as the coverage gets more intense, the shades appears to get deeper.

In fact, Golden Medium in semi-matte was too light for me, but GM in intensive was just right. Buttered tan in intensive was a tad too dark on me, but the semi matte worked well for me. The only thing was at the time, I wanted coverage, so I would go with the matte in BT, rather than stick with the semi-matte. Then, when I discovered GM in intensive, I was like, "whoa, this works great."

Ultimately, Trish, what I did was create my own perfect shade with a mixture of GM in intense with a dash of Buttered Tan in semi-matte for shade shake. Since you have the little samples of the GM and BT in different formulas, try to mix it up and see if you find a great ratio for your skintone. Also, experiment before you commit to a full size. God knows, I bought full size of many shades only to discover that I could find a great match with the GM and BT.

I hope this helped and email me if you have more questions. Also check the EDM forum, then may have some great info.
Much luck,

trisha said...

HUGE thanks for the quick response!! I actually felt stupid for posting my question since I feel like you've tackled it already in great detail in your post and in your first response. But anyway, your answer is very well appreciated!

I just feel like I have the same exact situation as you. I will definitely stay away from semi-matte and o-glo though because my skin is already shiny as it is. For sure I'm getting GM in intensive. Just don't know if I should get BT in intensive or matte. Well anyway, thank you!!

T said...

No problem, Trisha. As far as your doubt with the BT in matte or intensive, consider investing in the samples for those so that you are really sure.

Let me know how it turns out.
Take care,