Monday, July 21, 2008

Crayons for makeup lovers

During my makeupgeek NYX haul, I decided to get the NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils. I see them a lot on the youtube tutorials. A lot of the makeup mavens use the crayons as primers or bases for their awesome eyeshadow looks. I am really also very much into trying out easy and portable makeup tools.

If I had a coloring book I would fill the pages with these fun colors. I really love Slate and Yogurt. Pacific look great under brown eyeshadow too.

So here we go... The sticks are about 4. 5 inches long (I did a very rudimentary measuring because I don't have a ruler near me, and I am too lazy to go get one). The "wood" sharpendable part is actually that fake wood plastic material. I haven't had to sharpen these bad boys, so I don't know how they fare. I do have the impression that it could get messy because the actual crayon part is very soft and creamy. I would recommend freezing the stick for a while before sharpening them.

The edge of the pencils are rounded and easy to manipulate on the eyelid. When using the pencil the crayon does not tug or pull. The color payoff is wonderful, all of the ones I bought, except for Dark Brown and Black Bean, have shimmer. The crayons' texture is very creamy, spreadable, and blendable. Overall the lasting power is not bad. I have very oily lids, so I have to use an eyeshadow primer like UDPP to prevent creasing. If I wear these pencils alone, it will eventually crease and last about 4 hours. I have also noticed that I prefer to wear shadows over the crayons instead of just alone. It cuts down on the stickiness factor that the crayons creaminess have.

These are fun little sticks to tote around. I think one can try different looks by using the crayons straight up, or using a brush. These will definitely be included in my travel case along with sheer shadows to layer on top.

You can get them at for about $3 each. Great price to experiment.

3.8 out of 5 happy wallets
Price: depends on source, but about $3 to $5.

Overall, I love the convenience and the payoff. I really love the colors too, however, they are not the best primer for oil lids. Luckily, other primers exist and these layer beautifully when you want to create your own shades.

nyx jumbo eyeshadow pencil swatches

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marisol said...

I have Yogurt and Pacific and they work ok. I still put on UDPP or MAC Paint pot and then the NYX pencil.