Thursday, July 31, 2008

Random? Fluff? Almond Butter? sounds like a high caliber Cinemax movie

My kitchen needs replenishing, but I really hate grocery shopping so I try to delay it as much as possible. Sometimes, I get bored of eating the same breakfast food every morning, so I bypass the entire process. However, I regret it later when my stomach loudly protests, while I am talking to someone.

Real Life example:
Me: "Yeah, so last night I was watching this really awesome (the conversation is interrupted by a Grendelian growl 'BRAWOOOOWWWuuuuuuuWOWOOWWWuuuuuu'. Others look around not knowing where to flee)."

Silence, more silence, awkward silence....

Me: Soooo, don't worry that wasn't Grendel, or his mother, it was my stomach. Hmmm, can I have a piece of your bagel? Apparently, I have to feed the inner beast.

Anyway, after many awkward looks, I do my best to not skip breakfast. Today, I had a fabulous feast. I toasted two whole wheat slices of bread, smeared fluff on one slice (holy moly, what a fabulous invention. Queen Fierce just introduced me to this miraculous food product), and I smeared Trader Joe's almond butter on the other slice. I smushed them together and went to town. Take that, lame-ass butter!

Why am I writing this? I don't know, I don't have any makeup around me, and I want to let the five readers know that I am about more than just lipsticks and foundations. I am also about bread and fluff.

Tip of the Day: When using speed dial on your phone, be sure to always make sure you are calling the person intended. If your finger happens to slip and call the wrong person, and it is too late to hang up, play it off. Immediately recover from the shock and confusion by saying "Sorry, someone just asked me a question while the phone was ringing ,'I will get back to you soon, I am on the phone.'" Never admit that you really didn't want to talk to him/her, or that you haven't wanted to talk to the person for the last month. The best rescue line is "Hey, you were in my dream, and I figured I should call you. How's it going?" You won't look or feel like an ass, and the person will feel wanted.

If you really hate the person, you shouldn't have his/her number on speed dial in the first place. Plus, you really won't care about how the person feels, or how you convey yourself. Be as nasty as you want.

Any fun, fast breakfast recipes?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Excellent tips!

I was doing my usual cruising of beauty blogs, when I came across this most excellent post on how to shop for beauty products at drugstores. Since times are tough and the US Government is in a deeper deficit than we thought we were in(whoever inherits the oval office will age Abe Lincoln style in the first year. Damn!), I am having a deeper affinity for finding beauty bargains.

Enjoy these wonderful tips, thanks to Pink Train case!

Monday, July 28, 2008

I think Hellboy could rock the London palette...

So, I went to see Hellboy this week. It was a fun summer movie; I didn't leave depressed and pensive like I did after The Dark Knight. You know, Christian Bale is wonderful and all, but seriously, 2.5 hours of intense insanity is not really a summer flick. It's more like reading the newspaper, watching Fox news, and Nancy Grace all at once.

Okay, on to the mark. London palette.
This palette is Lovely. The dark shade is a matte, deep grape shade, which is rich in pigment. The shadow is smooth, and very blendable. The lighter is a lovely, shimmery taupe shade, which also glides on the lid. These colors work really well together, and you could definitely work these into different looks. I tend to always do the darker outer corner and contouring, but the styles are endless. The two eyeshadows are new (although they might have been around before I joined mark in 2006. Mark. sometimes revives colors). The shadows are long lasting. The blush, however, is not new. I have to say that I was a little disappointed when I saw that the blush was cameo glo, which I already have. However, since I really like the shadows, I won't fully hold it against mark. for recycling colors.

The lippies are, as always, on the sheer side. They still provide a nice hue, but don't expect full pigment or coverage. I really like the deeper plum gloss, on my lips it looks more pinkish. The top left nude shade neutralizes some of the natural pigment in lips, but it's not a full-on nude. The top right pink shade is like the nude, but with a pinker shade. Nothing grand or special; they are just pretty, moisturizing, sheer lip glosses. Good news, they aren't as heavy on the grape scent. However, they still have a sweet taste to them.

I enjoy these flip for its because they are perfect for travel. During my heavy duty traveling days, I would just throw the flips for its in the makeup bag along with my foundation and mascara and go. You really just "need" one. At this point I just like to collect them if I like the colors, but these are not necessities. They are fun toys for makeup lovers.

If you are new to mark., maybe start with individual products. If you are all about collecting, this is a great addition: the eyeshadows are beautiful and the portability is excellent).

3.5 out of 5 happy wallets (Taking off for the repeat blush and the higher price.)
Price: $20.00 (the price went up $2.00)

NYX Doll Eyes Volume mascara

whoops! messy brows

Everyday Minerals Buttered Tan semi-matte foundation (don't worry it doesn't look this light IRL), London palette (the berry gloss).

Tip of the Day: When picking your nose in public, be sure to look around beforehand. If you happen to get caught. Square off and challenge the person with your eyes, "Yeah, I had something in my nose and I was too desperate to wait. Whatcha gonna do about it?" Then quickly run away and pray to God you don't see the person again. Next time, wait until you are in private, although running is an excellent exercise.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I just received two new flip for it's from mark. These are those neat palettes that mark. started releasing about a year and a half ago, maybe two years ago I can't remember. These cases are matte as opposed to the shiny ones before. One problem, I have a hard time matching the shades to the name. These are coming out next month, which is right around the corner.

Anywho, I just wanted to show the pretty colors. I will give a more in depth review a little later. I am watching the Nancy Drew movie right now, and she is about to crack the case.

London and South Beach--eyes, blush


London (green case, one left of the picture)
Eyeshadow 1--Picadilly
Eyeshadow 2--London Bridge
Cheek--Cameo Glo (this is in the regular collection)

Lipcolor 1--proper kiss (that's what I'm talking about)
Lipcolor 2--watermelon
Lip gloss 1--west end pout
Lip gloss 2--Queenie

South Beach(blue case, on right of the picture)
Eyeshadow 1--Ocean Drive
Eyeshadow 2--Deco
Cheek--Golden Glo (this is in the regular collection)

Lipcolor 1--Rumba
Lipcolor 2--Guava
Lip gloss 1--collins drive
Lip gloss 2--flamingo


South Beach

Friday, July 25, 2008

Next, the nails!

I came home and decided to practice one of my favorite looks and experiment with some colors.
I also practiced applying individual lashes.

Neutral eye

Mark. latte e/s on lid
Mark. espresso e/s in crease
Mark. whisper to highlight
Andrea individual lashes
Mark. on the edge e/l in cleo
NYX Doll Eyes Volume mascara


Coastal Scents 88 e/s palette
They don't have the names. It was the darkest green, darkest blue, medium green

mark. on the edge e/l in cleo
NYX Doll Eyes Volume Mascara
Beautique e/l in black inner rim
Fyrinnae montalivet to highlight

Happy face, Happy wallet!!

Friday Night Fever

"Fireworks" by Anna Cervova

It's Friday!! I friggin' love Fridays! It's the day of promise for a better tomorrow, where you, if you have a 9 to 5/M-F, you don't have to wake up early the next day, drag yourself to work, and feel like you have just wasted another 8 hours of your life (dismal, I know. Don't worry, I am doing something about it.).

I cherish my Friday nights. I don't do anything outrageous because half the time I am too lazy to go out, plus I live in a place that well...feels like it has slim pickings. Anyway, I know that I talk to myself on this blog, but I figured I would throw out this question (maybe the Grrl can respond): What are your plans this Friday night? Any fun hauls planned this weekend? Movies?

Me, well the Scholar is in school this weekend, so I am going to chill. I have a romantic movie to watch, I have a moustache that needs to be waxed, nails that need to be done, ice cream that needs to be eaten, and the cherry on top, shirts that need to be ironed. I'm hoping there is at least one good love scene in the movie to make ironing my shirts worthwhile.

I'll throw in a snow cone for good measure, but hold the fluff (that's right, in my area people like their snow cones smothered in fluff. You would throw up if I described how the consistency feels in your mouth. *gags*).

I wish you a merry Friday!

Tip of the day: Narrate your morning routine to yourself when it involves hot appliances (e.g. "I am unplugging the curling iron."). That way when you are in your car, halfway to the office, you don't feel inclined to turn around and check if the curling iron was left on. Instead, you will say "Ahh, I announced to myself that I turned off the curling iron, so my house will not burn down due to that. Carry on."

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Everyday Minerals, Everyday flawless

As mentioned before, I don't have the best of skin, but I make do with what I have. Due to my addiction to finding the best foundation for my needs, I decided to try out Everyday Minerals foundation a year ago. To be honest, with the exception with brief flings with other "new and improved" foundations, I have stayed extremely loyal to this line of foundations.

I never really squealed in enjoyment during the apex of the minerals craze. I remember always being intrigued by the Bare Minerals infomercials, but I resisted buying any minerals for about 10 years. First I started with Bare Minerals, because that was what was bombarding the industry. As a matter of fact, I thought that was the only minerals product around. Unfortunately, my face broke out, and I always looked plasticy and shiny.

Fortunately thanks to my adventures on several makeup boards and makeup blogs, I found out about Everyday Minerals. I was most intrigued with the possibility of finding a foundation that was longlasting with my super oily skin, yet at the same time felt light and offered full coverage. Oh, and it need to match my warm, yellow, with a touch of olive skintone. Tall order, I know. I figured I could risk the approximately $4 on a sample kit (the kit is actually free, all you pay is shipping. You get three foundation samples, one blush, and one concealer). It took several trials before I found the perfect match and the right formula(s).

Everyday Minerals offers four formulas (1) original glo, which is closes to the Bare Minerals formula; (2) semi-matte, a nice mix of original glo and matte formula, (3) matte, full on matte and it works really well with oily skin, (4) intensive, offers full coverage and it also does okay with oily skin. The beauty is that you can pick one formula or your can mix the formulas to work better for you. One thing the shades do deepen as the formulas become denser. So, Buttered Tan in matte is a touch lighter than Buttered Tan in intensive.

I gravitate towards the matte and intensive formulas. When I have awesome face days, but just need to even out the skin, I use semi-matte. I have noticed that the matte formula works a lot better in curbing and withstanding the oilies than the intensive formula. However, I really love the coverage of the intensive formula, so I mix the two formulas in the same shade and "Viola!" The loose powders' consistency is finely milled, silky, smooth. These powder, initially go on the skin quite densely, but they buff into the skin very nicely. It is just like when you apply the liquid foundation and then massage it in the skin. A little goes a long way, so start small and you can always layer more on. If you apply too much of the foundation it can get cakey, so definitely start small.

Alright, as for the shades, they have a nice variety. I am NC 35-40 in MAC studiofix. In Everyday Minerals the following shades work for me: Summer-Buttered Tan (matte/intensive); Spring-1/3 Buttered Tan (matte), 1/3 Buttered Tan (intensive), 1/3 Golden Medium (matte); Fall-the spring mixture or golden medium matte; Winter-Golden Medium (matte/intensive).

I really love how my skin looks when using this foundation. It looks even, smooth, and flawless. It might be the closest I will get to having perfect skin.

5 out of 5 happy wallets
Price: mini-$5.00; full: $12 (they have size descriptions here)

Oh, and you can get these in custom kits if you are interested in other products. I love using the EDM kabuki and flat top brushes with these foundations. Flat top offers max coverage.

EDM foundation

EDM swatches

Everyday Minerals Brushes

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shall we dance, Hollywood? No we shan't!

I have just seen the most charming movie. Do you remember when JLo and Richard Gere teamed up to make "Shall We Dance?" Everyone talked about it. Oh, JLo! Oh, Richard! Hit! Hit! Hit!
Blah...I had heard that the Hollywood version was a remake of the 1995 Japanese original.

Why does Hollywood insist on recreating something that was already fantastic. The original "Shall We Dance?" is full of life, enchantment, passion, and energy; whereas, the Hollywood version just totally fell flat for me. But then again, I don't really get excited when I see Richard Gere with his one facial expression and JLo with her "meh" moves. You know how people say that things sometimes get lost in translation? Well this transition is a true example of that saying. Hollywood pretty much stays true to the script and scene of the original(like seriously, it's like they watched the original and just copied it. Actually, it isn't "like" they copied it, they actually did copy it), but unfortunately the sentiments don't feel genuine.

The original made me "awww," jump for joy, shrink in embarrassment, yelp in excitement. Lovely, lovely, lovely. You can actually feel the actors fall in love with the magic of dancing. I think it also helps that I am not familiar with the actors. In the Hollywood version, it's the So-and-So dancing, it's JLo and Gere dancing, which unfortunately hurts the story. Oh, and Aoki (he is the character Stanley Tucci plays in the remake) is FANTASTIC. I LOVE him!

If you get a chance, please do yourself the favor of renting the 1995 original version of Shall We Dance? I do not think you will regret it!!

Do you hear me, Mr. Serenity (also known as papi), you have to put this on your Netflix list! STAT!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

make your mark... on your credit card

I am a dysfunctional mark. representative. I must divulge this before I review some mark. products. Mark. has a ranking of their sellers, and I am nowhere on the list...nowhere. I have maybe sold a total of $50 in the two years that I have been a rep (thanks, The Grrl!). It's not that I don't want to sell, but I just don't want the three friends that I have to run away from me. My sister doesn't really have an option. She can run away, but only temporarily. So I always have a magalog for her, and she probably buries it at the bottom of her drawers.

Well, one day I will fill an order other than mine. I will say this, I am honest about what works and doesn't work the for the brand. There are some things that I would not recommend to anyone, and there are other products that I rave about.

So here we go...I have indulged in a mark. haul, and I must say that I despite my skepticism I am really happy about my purchases.

My new products
glow baby glow lip gloss in "blow kisses" (hmm, PG naughty)
glow baby glow lip gloss in "girly girl"
mini mark it lip stick in "berry" (I love this so much, I am practically eating this thing)
mini mark it lip stick in "apricot"
mini mark it eye stick in "shell"
mini mark it eye stick in "pink sand"
mini mark it eye stick in "cocoa bean"
mini mark it eye stick in "marina"
custom pick e/s in "whisper"
custom pick e/s in "gioia"
custom pick e/s in "espresso"
custom pick e/s in "latte"
Good glowing blush in "star glo"

The mark it eye and lip sticks are new, they came out last month, I believe. The eyeshadows, except for "gioia" are new releases. They are out this month. "Star Glo" is old, but new to me.

Blow Kisses and Girly Girl glosses
These are really nicely pigmented. Blow Kisses is a blue based red that just screams, "Look at my lips, love my lips, caress my lips, kiss my lips...." The rest is R-rated and involves a certain person who buries himself in books, and if he is not available then a certain person who dresses like a bat at night. The glosses aren't sticky, but they are highly moisturizing and pretty long lasting. They do have a minty scent, but they don't taste minty. The glosses glide on really nicely on the luscious lips. So you can work it to the max.
Girly Girl is a pretty, deep pink. This color is perfect for after the makeout session with the Scholar or the certain person who dresses as a bat at night. You can go ahead and apply this as you walk out of the dark alley where you "happen" to encounter an adventure on your lips. Best part, these hook up to any other hook up product you want. By the way, these glosses are not shimmery.

5 out 5 happy wallets

mini mark it sticks
They are about 2 inches long, and they are shimmery. These are not super creamy, they are definitely on the drier side of the NYX sticks. The pigment is not bad, they are sheer to medium color deposit. They don't spread incredibly easily when applied directly. You have to use a brush or your finger to spread the product. In addition, they don't blend as easily either because as mentioned before they are on the drier side. However, I must say that the blendability could also be because I use UDPP, which can make shadows more difficult to blend. When used with primer, theses babies last a good 8 hours without creasing. I like to layer these with shadows, they work very well when used under another shadow. Overall these are fun to experiment and to throw in the bag when you are in a rush. I have been keeping the makeup to a minimum these past several days, and it is so nice to just grab these, swipe, and go. If you are looking for something more substantial, I would go with the NYX sticks. In addition, you get more for less with NYX. These puppies are 6 bucks and they are short. If you use them a lot, then they definitely won't last for more than several weeks. My favorites are cocoa bean, shell and marina.

3.5 out of 5
Price $6.00

mini mark it sticks
These are the same size as the eye sticks. I thought these would be dry, but they are not. As a matter of fact, these feel like a solid gloss or a smooth lip stain. They spread really nicely, and feel very moisturizing. They don't have a smell or taste, and they offer a really pretty and subtle shine. I will say that the shimmer in these lip pencils is chunkier than the shimmer found in the mark lip gloss products. The color payoff is closer to sheer, but it does last longer than other glosses usually do. Overall, I was impressed with these cuties. As said before, these are short. I have been using "berry" for about two weeks, and I think it might only last me another two weeks with very heavy use. SOoOoo, the lifespan could be a drawback, but I love "berry" so much that I have no problem with it.

4 out of 5 happy wallets
price $6.00

These shadows are a wonderful addition to the collection. I am really enjoying the neutrals, most definitely. "Latte" is "My-lids-but-better" shade. "Espresso" is a deep brown, which is great for contouring or lining the eyes. "Whisper" is a light beigey color. It really isn't matte it is like a pearl. This works really well for a highlighting. These shadows are smooth, soft, nicely pigmented, and long-lasting. I have been wearing these shadows for almost two weeks, nonstop. Nice purchase.

5 out of 5 happy wallets

That's all I got for now. If there is anything you are want reviewed, let me know. Hopefully I can get my hands on it. Wishing you a happy face and an even happier wallet!

mark palette
(lips)blow kisses, girly girl, apricot, berry. (eyes)shell, marina, cocoa bean, pink sand. (Palette) whisper, gioia, espresso, latte.

eyeshadow swatches

eye sticks

mark gloss swatches

mark glosses

Monday, July 21, 2008

Crayons for makeup lovers

During my makeupgeek NYX haul, I decided to get the NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils. I see them a lot on the youtube tutorials. A lot of the makeup mavens use the crayons as primers or bases for their awesome eyeshadow looks. I am really also very much into trying out easy and portable makeup tools.

If I had a coloring book I would fill the pages with these fun colors. I really love Slate and Yogurt. Pacific look great under brown eyeshadow too.

So here we go... The sticks are about 4. 5 inches long (I did a very rudimentary measuring because I don't have a ruler near me, and I am too lazy to go get one). The "wood" sharpendable part is actually that fake wood plastic material. I haven't had to sharpen these bad boys, so I don't know how they fare. I do have the impression that it could get messy because the actual crayon part is very soft and creamy. I would recommend freezing the stick for a while before sharpening them.

The edge of the pencils are rounded and easy to manipulate on the eyelid. When using the pencil the crayon does not tug or pull. The color payoff is wonderful, all of the ones I bought, except for Dark Brown and Black Bean, have shimmer. The crayons' texture is very creamy, spreadable, and blendable. Overall the lasting power is not bad. I have very oily lids, so I have to use an eyeshadow primer like UDPP to prevent creasing. If I wear these pencils alone, it will eventually crease and last about 4 hours. I have also noticed that I prefer to wear shadows over the crayons instead of just alone. It cuts down on the stickiness factor that the crayons creaminess have.

These are fun little sticks to tote around. I think one can try different looks by using the crayons straight up, or using a brush. These will definitely be included in my travel case along with sheer shadows to layer on top.

You can get them at for about $3 each. Great price to experiment.

3.8 out of 5 happy wallets
Price: depends on source, but about $3 to $5.

Overall, I love the convenience and the payoff. I really love the colors too, however, they are not the best primer for oil lids. Luckily, other primers exist and these layer beautifully when you want to create your own shades.

nyx jumbo eyeshadow pencil swatches

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wig out! Le Wig c'est chic...

I have really short hair now. When it was long it would take an entire day for it to dry; now it only takes 30 minutes. My hair is crazy curly, not just curly, CRAZY curly. When I thought it could not get more cumbersome, hormones decided to attack full throttle, and BOOM, my hair got curlier. Meanwhile, my sister's hair, let's call her "The Grrl" (she is fierce), was getting straighter. Oh, and she never gets pimples...WTF, dude?

I love my curls, but sometimes, I just need a change. I just want to get up and go and I don't want to endure the punishment my hair unleashes just because I want to sleep on a pillow covered by a cotton pillowcase. I have tried sleeping with my head propped up, it doesn't work.
Anyway, enter Rihanna. I have to admit she has great beats, and her voice can be manipulated to sound okay. Her hair can definitely be manipulated to look friggin' edgy and badass too. I can't believe I am admitting to this, but I was inspired by (sighs heavily)... her. I have been constantly trying to marry a look that says "BRING ITTTTTT," while serving a delicate cup of tea at the same time. I thought mimicing her haircut would do the trick. This attempt went incredibly wrong.

When Rihanna showed up to a European awards show, I can't remember which one, she was sporting the now haircut she has. It is pretty much short all over except in the front, where she has long bangs. It's emoish with a tinge of pop punk lite, and I wanted it. I went to my newfound stylist (I had gone to her before and I was satisfied with her work) and showed her the pic. Since my hair is curly, I would need a mild relaxer. I had had relaxers before, and I had never had a problem. NEVERRRR! She gave me the relaxer, the haircut, and the blow out. I looked SWEET in a take-no-prisoners way.

Well, after a week and a half, I noticed that I was shedding hair more than I usually do. I just figured it was hormonal. However, as the days passed I noticed it got worse. One morning when I was organizing my life, I felt my head and noticed that I had a bald spot the size of a quarter, and growing. Long story short, my mom (Queen Fierce) and I think that there are three possibilities (1) Too strong of a relaxer, (2) Relaxer left on for way too long or combed it down too much, (3) allergic reaction to the relaxer. I had to cut my hair short before it continued to fall out. I was rocking the Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby, and I still am. I enjoy short hair. I like to dedicate more time to my face than my hair, so it works for me. However, since I can't lift my arm and have my hair grow like my old dolls (remember those dolls. "Wow! Watch her hair grow!"), I have to find new ways to have fun with short hair.

And so, now, I am O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with wigs. I just got one at a local beauty supply shop for $30, and I am really having fun with it. My husband doesn't know where to look when I where it. He gets a little wigged out (padum pam. Horrible, I know. But seriously, how often do you walk into such an obvious pun?). I think I might eventually get another one. When I feel like short, I rock the natural. When I feel like long, I rock the wig. When I feel like tricking the neighbor in making them think that "the scholar" (I like to call my husband that because he is back in school) has moved on and met a sassy, well-tressed chica, I rock the bob.

Has anyone else worn wigs for fun or any other reason? Any affordable brands I should look for? Good websites? Any nightmare hair stories? Do share!

Here is a pic of my locks.

The Bob

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I am sorry I have not posted reviews. I am in the middle of some life events that have required my full attention, but don't worry, I will soon escape to the world of makeup soon.

Hoping everyone is having a happy face.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Quick Rave!

I just bought NYX Doll Eyes mascara (volume), and I friggin love it. This is the second day of wearing it, and I have been batting my eyelashes left and right. Men are dropping like flies at the sight of my lashes. My husband fainted when I gave him a quick seductive look, right after I applied the mascara.

It's not so much that is adds super volume (Lash Blast is still crazy at working its magic), it's more that the mascara lengthens and curls the lashes. No major clumps, no spikes, no smuding, no hardness. I also really enjoy the brush. It has an hourglass curve and it works well to grab the lashes.

I will add pics when I have time. I bought my Doll Eyes at (listed on the sidebar). Check out the list of NYX products in the forum area. I believe Marlena is in the process of setting up an online store.

I will also review the really nice new Mark eyeshadows that will be released soon.

Take it easy, peeps!

pics, as promised
The Brush, so curvy

I likey!

NYX Doll Eyes Volume

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Quick and easy

I love foundations. I don't know what it is, but I am just drawn to the empty promises the marketing campaigns unapologetically unleash to the general public. "Instant flawless skin," yes, please. "Hides pores," How did you know? "Controls oilies and looks fresh all day," Lay it on me.

Sometimes, the descriptions are right on. Revlon Colorstay does last all day and control the oilies. Everyday Minerals does give me the closest to flawless skin I will ever have. Palladio Wet/Dry powder foundation is quick, easy, and puts up a good fight against my eager oil glands. As far as Revlon Colorstay and Everyday Minerals, I love them. I have them in heavy rotation, but sometimes I get bored of the routine, and I need to switch it up. Sometimes I am in a rush and don't have time to smooth the edges out (Revlon), or buff the bejesus out of my face (Everyday Minerals). On the days when I stayed in bed too long or when my arms were too sore from playing Wii tennis, I whip out the Palladio. I don't know why, but I really enjoy this powder.

According to the website,, when used wet, it offers maximum coverage. Using it dry offers medium to sheer coverage depending on application tool. I have not tried the powder wet out of fear of encrusting the top layer. Maybe one day I will, if I do, I will let you know. I have applied the powder dry and with the sponge and two different types of brushes. I prefer to apply the powder with a brush. I have used the NYX powder brush reviewed here and the Everyday Minerals flat top brush. I like how they both work. Using the NYX powder brush offers sheer/mid-medium coverage. The flat top brush gives me medium coverage.

The powder itself is nice and light. It is finely milled, which makes it go on and cover nicely (however, you will have a lot of powder "dust" if you use the brush, just be warned). It doesn't take long to buff the powder in. When I touch my face, it feels like I have nothing on, but my face looks more even and finished. The powder does not cake in my creases or pool in my pores. It also works very well at curbing the oilies. I was very impressed the first day I wore it, and grew more loyal to it as the days passed. The color match is pretty good. I think it is a touch cooler than I am, but it is not noticeable. There is no distinct smell either, and the sponge has it own compartment. All in all, great buy!


5 out 5 happy wallets

Price: at Sally's (you can also find it at Nordstrom Rack, and maybe Ulta, but don't quote me on it). $9.99

My shade: I am NC35-40 in MAC studiofix, and Everlasting Tan in Palladio works best for me. They have testers in the displays. They are the hidden slide out kind.

Image from

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lush eyelash boy, I will never forget you

I remember this one boy with whom I went to middle school. He was cute (in a little boy way. I just wanted to pinch his cheeks three times a day.), goofy, and he had the lushes set of eyelashes I have ever seen on ANYONE. It was crazy how lush his lashes were. Every time I looked at him, I was consumed with lash envy. I wanted to crawl out from behind my restrictive and unforgiving desk and catch any of his falling lashes. One of his lashes was the equivalent to 10 of my lashes. Alas, none of his lashes would fall out (Did I mention he was greedy?), and I was left depending on the science of mascara.

Present time:
Enter Maybelline Colossal Volume Express mascara in Glam, that's right, Glam Black. This mascara comes in a yellow tube and "Colossal" is imprinted largely on the tube. Like the Cover Girl Lash Blast tube, it is not discreet. Interestingly, the mascara brush is not like the prickly, spiky brushes we are seeing more frequently (even Revlon has re-released their Lash Fantasy mascara). Maybelline decided to use the regular bristle brush. The brush itself does appear to be fatter, but the bristles are more separated. I imagine this is to avoid clumps on the lashes. The formula is thin and mousse-like. When applied to the lashes, it glides on, but it really doesn't do anything earth-shattering to volumize more than its competitors. My lashes do look more prominent than without mascara, but I did notice that the lashes clumped. I have to use a lash comb to make the lashes look as lush as my classmate's. Actually, I was more impressed with Lash Blast's work.

After the formula dries on my lashes, my lashes don't feel as stiff as when I am wearing other mascaras. Colossal did not flake, nor smudge during the day. The handle is easy to maneuver around the eye, as opposed to the sometimes cumbersome Lash Blast. There is an interesting smell to the Colossal formula. It smells like plastic and that material dentists use to create molds of your teeth. Also, as far as the "glam" goes, well I don't know where the "glam" is coming from to start with; it's just a regular dark black. So, yeah...

3.5 our of 5

Price $6.99 at CVS (I did get it on sale for $4.99)

I was more impressed with Lash Blast. This is not a bad mascara, but it is not amazing either. Just an average mascara with a fat brush. The package claims to provide 9 times the volume. How do we even measure that?

Bare Eye
eye without Maybelline Colossal

Colossal eye
maybelline colossal

Comparison (it might not be fair because the lash blast is several months old)
lash blast and colossal