Sunday, June 22, 2008


Why start a blog?

Well, let's see...I feel bad boring everyone with my latest makeup discoveries. My poor friends and family were tired of listening to me rave about the most recent eyeshadow bargain, the best inexpensive lip balm, and the best unconventional face primer (Milk of Magnesia? Monistat Anti-Chafe cream? exactly!). Then one early Monday, while I was waiting for my work computer to boot up, I thought, "hey, T, why not take your passion for beauty on a budget to the 'internets'?" So I have. I have tried many products, and I look forward to documenting my thoughts on how well, or poorly, they work.

Let the reviews begin!

May we all have a happy face and an even happier wallet!


Vanessa said...

Hi T! haha thanks for the comment, yeah some people on the 'net are a bit bizarre, it's like you can't even do anything on the net without something bad happening!

Love your blog can't wait to read more! Gotta love us makeup addicts! lol

T said...

Thanks Vanessa! Yay for makeup lovers. keep it cool!