Thursday, June 26, 2008

Quick! Call the police...

Some would say that I am breaking the law. However, I don't care, if this is wrong then I don't want to be right.
Sally Girl in blue marine

That's right...I am wearing BLUE eyeshadow, and I am loving it. Actually, I might walk away from the fashion police encounter with a mild warning because the BPTB (Beauty Powers That Be) have decided to adopt blues again, and I am glad they have.

When I was younger, we were taught that blues were for women of the night and very old ladies who didn't have to answer to anyone. Now, it almost seems like it is expected for all women to have at least one eyeshadow that has a hint of blue.

When I decided to purchase this spiritual hue of blue at Sally's, I wasn't sure if I would actually like it. However, I felt something possess me to buy this, and at $.99 ($.89 with the Sally's discount card) how could I pass it up. I found this gem near the cash register in the Sally Girl display.

A seduction in three acts
The Enchantment
I was initially looking for brush cleaner, but all of the sudden, I heard this sweet, soft, almost angelic voice tickling my ear. I turned around and the only thing I saw was a sea of shimmery aqua blue. I was immediately transported to the enchanting beaches of my childhood. Before I could control my hand, my fingers had already staked claim on a tiny, rectangular cube (her name is Blue Marine) that held a key to pleasant memories of seashells, sand castles, and exotic algae. The next thing I remember is handing my money to the lady at the register and walking out.

The Chase
When I got home, I took the little treat out of my bag. I liberated it from its wrapper, and proceeded to examine it. I dipped my finger into the sea of aqua, teal blue. I noticed hints of green, gold, and turquoise. The colors combined to play with different angles in the lights. Sometimes it appeared more blue; other times it appeared more greenish teal. Either way, the color glistened at every angle. The texture was soft and glided on the back of my hand. There was no chalkiness, and the color was not sheer. In fact, it proved itself to be a perfect color for daytime. I was sold. Blue Marine's flirtation had worked.

The Commitment
The next day, after applying Urban Decay Primer Potion (the only eyeshadow primer that works for me), I dipped my brush in this little cube of serenity and proceeded to enhance the brown in my eyes. I complemented the hue with Everyday Minerals "hot chocolate" in the crease to soften it a little for work. Blue Marine never faded, never creased, and never budged throughout the hot day. I proposed to her at the end of the day. She has earned a permanent place in my makeup stash.

Rating for Sally Girl in "Blue Marine"
5 out 5 happy wallets.

Are you kidding me?! For $.99 this is most excellent. There is ample pigment to satisfy anyone who wants to play with color without attracting a lot of attention. The staying power, with a primer, is wonderful. This precious shadow is wonderfully smooth, and they transport very easily. If you get more than one Sally Girl shadow, you can interlock them and make your own color combos. The container is a little over an inch long, and one inch wide. The net weight is 1.1 grams. Enter Sally's with caution, these little things might just seduce you.

Just for reference



Savvy cakeliner in "black"
Sally Girl in "Blue Marine"
Everyday mineral (EDM) in "hot chocolate"

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