Monday, June 30, 2008

pffft, I got hair in my face

Recently, offered it's customers a 20% discount on their purchases. I went ahead and took advantage of the spending opportunity. I recently received my haul, and for the most part. I am please.

Here is what I part of what I ordered

NYX Professional Flat top brush
NYX Eyeshadow brush 1 (the tiniest shader brush ever)
NYX Powder blush brush
NYX Powder Brush

NYX Professional Flat Top brush
This brush is also known as the "skunk brush" because it sports two different fibers. This nifty invention has both natural and synthetic hairs. Makeup aficionados usually rely on this brush for the application of highly pigmented powders. The marriage between the two fibers allows the brush to pick up a light dusting of high pigment, and it softly deposits the color on the face. In addition, this brush works very well when applying foundation because it, again, softly buffs the foundation into the skin, which in turn leaves a seamless finish.

The most commonly known, and arguably most coveted, skunk brush is MAC's 187. This brush has the softness, firmness, surface coverage, and appropriate density to handle a variety of products, including heavy-duty foundation. In addition, it barely sheds, and when taken care of, can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, this holy grail costs $42, which has motivated many makeup lovers to search for less expensive equivalents.

Enter the NYX Professional Flat Top. When I opened the box, I immediately knew that although the brush would be good, it would not be the same or similar to the 187. NYX's is not as dense at the 187. In addition, the synthetic fibers were too bluntly cut across and the tips do not have the "feather" angle that the 187 does (It's like they used thinning shears at the end of the 187 brush to create a softer tip.). NYX's brush does not open into a wider radius, therefore, covering more surface when pressure is applied. When I go to apply the powder with the NYX brush it immediately gives in to pressure, and the entire brush folds. To compare, when I smush the 187 brush against my face, the synthetic fibers bend a little, but I still feel the firmness of the natural hairs (This is how the buffing action works so well. The natural applies and the synthetic diffuses.). NYX's synthetic fibers are not as soft as the 187, and the fibers seem to be thicker than the synthetic fibers of the 187. As far as the application, meh, it works okay. NYX deposits a light amount of high pigments, but it can be a little unyielding. There are more favorable brushes out there. Overall, I was expecting more. I was hoping this brush would be my second 187, but it really isn't. I wouldn't buy this brush again.

To categorize
MAC 187--the Queen that is gingerly placed on a pedestal to be admired and loved.
NYX Flat top--Queen's distant cousin who tries to seduce the King away from the Queen, but just ends up being relegated to the dusty corner. She is only used when the Queen is taking a bath.
Flirt Feather brush--the distant cousin's servant. She finishes up what the distant cousin can't.
The NYX Flat Top brush is $14.99.
Rating: 2.7 out of 5 happy wallets.

NYX Flat Top brush

MAC 187 and NYX flat top brushes

NYX flat top duo fiber brush
NYX flat top smushed
187 brush
MAC 187 smushed

The NYX e/s brush 1
This brush is tiny, but cute. This is a perfect brush for smudging liners and defining the outer corner and crease. It is very soft, and not super firm so it works well with blending small details. One thing works against it, the handle is very skinny, so sometimes it is difficult to get a good grip on it.
NYX eyeshadow brush 1 is $3.99
Rating: 3.5 out 5 happy wallets
NYX eyeshadow brush 1

NYX Powder Brush

Oh, this is a nice fluffy, soft, full brush. It is paddle-like and covers a nice surface area. I have encountered minimal shedding in the week that I have been using it. I have not washed it yet. The powder picks up a full amount of powder, and offers medium coverage. When touching the face, it caresses instead of scratch the cheeks and forehead. The handle from ferule to end is 4" long. The brush is a good solid, regular powder brush, but I would not have bought it at regular price. You can find the same quality brush or better at a lower price.
NYX Powder brush is 11.99
rating: 3 out of 5 happy wallets

NYX blush brush

NYX Powder Blush Brush
I actually exclaimed, "That's it?! There is no way this blush brush can cover my cheeks without making them look streaky. " I was wrong. Although this blush brush is not bigger than the usually blush brushes we see, it does have the shape and the fullness to spread open and cover the apples of the cheek. The brush is also lovingly soft, and it does not poke at all. The pigment deposit is just right, and it works well to buff any excess. I would even say that the size lends itself to using it for cheek contouring too. For the price it works, but, again, I have to say that there are better brushes out there at the same or lower prices.
NYX Powder Blush brush is $5.99
rating: 3.3 out 5 wallets
NYX blush brush

Overall, the NYX brushes are average. There really aren't any must haves in this round of brush purchases. If someone asked me whether they should invest in these particular brushes, I would say "sure, if you have a itch to try them out and you can comfortably part with the money." If someone asked me whether they should save and invest in the 187, I would say "Yes, I have yet to find an alternative."

Wishing you a happy face and an even happier wallet.

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