Thursday, December 18, 2008

What can brown do?

Well for me, it makes me beautiful.  Can you believe that I have encountered people who did not find me pretty or acknowledgeable simply because of my brown skin?  Predictably, I fell into their ignorant trap and started to think that my skin was not pretty.  I used to think that brown wasn't doing crap for me.  I don't know when it happened, but I finally shred the robe of self-doubt and self-loathing.  I looked in the mirror and realized that brown could do a whole lot more than I was giving it credit for.  

Some people still think that brown can't do anything but be drab, but I don't have time for those people.  I am too busy spending time with lovely people who appreciate the color spectrum, and I am too busy spending time enjoying who I am.  Anyway, last night, I decided to confirm my "brown-a-liciousness" by changing my nail polish.  Milani has the gorgeous nail color called "brown-a-licious."  I have had it in my collection for a while, but I really hadn't taken the time to truly savor the color.  Well, first of all, I am super glad I purchased this goody.  Second of all, I can't stop looking at my nails.  This formula is really nice.  It is spreadable, very easy to handle, beautifully pigmented (all you need are two quick coats), and it does not feel heavy at all.  I am on the second day of wear and I have yet to get any chips or lose any shine.  This is a delicious color.  By the way, the brush is easy to maneuver. 


Milani Brown-a-licious

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I hauled

All is well, I have more reviews coming, and hopefully I can take pics of eye looks.  I just hauled some goodies thanks to gift cards and sales. yay.
I got several waterproof eyeliners, which I can't wait to try.  I have been on an eyeliner kick and water will not keep me down, damnit!

Also, I have fallen back in love with my everyday minerals foundation, and the Coastalscents Diva Defense has yet to disappoint me.  Oh, and the Lancome brushes are most excellent.  I have been using them on a daily basis. Yay!

Oh, and I also got some new mark. stuff that I forgot to include in the picture.  I got the new berry scrub (dry seeds and such that you mix in with your gel cleanser), a mark. bag from the outlet and some gel eyeliner (I am so glad they were only $1.  They are not good.)

Hope everyone is doing well.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

makeup, baubles, and life

This morning I woke up, and I looked at a basket right next to my bed.  Then I looked at a collection of paintings of trees.  These two things remind me of two separate people.  And then I felt a kick from the being inside me.  My heart always jumps when I feel these pops.  There is nothing like being in the middle of a life's trajectory to get me out of the bed.  

The basket is filled with makeup that belonged to my aunt; she passed away during the summer.  The paintings of trees remind me of the vivacity my uncle had; he passed away last summer.  The kicks make me aware of what is to come; he was conceived in the summer.
It is humbling to know that we were able to create life.  My heart jumping pushes me out of the bed, and it reminds me to celebrate everything around me.  

 As all of these memories were overwhelming my mind, I looked at the basket full of makeup and the mound of rings spread throughout my room.  These are just things, stuff, objects.  Most of the time, I ask "hey, these are things, why am I so attached?"  or "hey, it's just makeup, so who cares that the lipstick melted and the shadow broke."  But this morning, I realized they they aren't just things.  The tubes of lipsticks and the baubles are treasures.  If observed with an open perspective, they are treasures that tell a life about the people.

When I was younger, my aunt would sweep me away for weekends, and we would do our nails, go to makeup stores, just girl stuff.  She was the one who introduced me to the importance of taking care of myself aesthetically.  She was the one who taught me how to do my own manicures, tweeze my eyebrows, and experiment with skincare products.  It sounds so trivial to some, but she awakened the fun side of being a woman.  Sometimes it is so overwhelming to deal with the unjust expectations at work, the second shift, and the dating world that a small tube of lipstick, or a round pan of shadow just makes everything melt away.  We can get lost in creativity and in ourselves.  Makeup is personal, individual, and for us who document the faces of the day, a journal of our moods and feelings.  My husband doesn't understand my connection to the vast array of colors and textures makeup offers.  When he questions why I need another red lipstick, I tell him, "When I am gone, these are the memories you will have.  You will find yourself looking inside my cabinet and smelling the faintness of my breath on the lipstick, and you will trace the shape my lips left behind."  I don't know if he ever would, but I like to think so.  And now, I find myself doing this ritual with my aunt's lipsticks.  I see her MAC Dubonnet, and she is in front of me placing the lipstick in between her lips and swiping it from side to side.  The lips kind of matched her reddish hair.  She loved intense colors.  Then I see all of the creams; she loved creams.  Near the end of her life she just wanted to find a cream that would relieve the dryness her chemo and radiation left behind.  The only relief was her last struggling breath.  I miss her dearly, but I find solace in something as simple as makeup.  

My uncle wasn't into makeup, but he loved jewelry.  Every time we saw him he came bearing gifts.  I remember, he would be sure to put the rings and earrings in lovely feminine boxes.  My sister and I felt like princesses.  My uncle had huge, sausage-like fingers.  He was so funny because he would gauge our ring size by trying the candidates on his fingers.  Therefore, sometimes the rings were just too big.  It didn't matter though because it came from him.  I went through a phase where I really wasn't into wearing any type of jewelry, but now, all I want to do is overwhelm my fingers in pretty stones, shiny gems, and precious metals.  Recently, I have started to stack the rings he gave me throughout the years.  When I look down at these adorned fingers, I remember his thick hands delicately slipping the rings on my fingers.  He did so with pride, tenderness, and love.  Just as my aunt taught me how to decorate my face, my uncle taught me how to decorate my wrists, fingers, ears, and neck.  Trinkets to some; legacies to me.

As my heart beats and the baby kicks, I am sad that baby Felix won't meet his great-aunt and uncle, but I can tell him of their influence and show him their gifts.  My son may not grow up to appreciate makeup or baubles, but at least I can make him aware that they are not just things.  These objects are treasures that allowed his mother to express herself when words chose not to flow.

Friday, December 12, 2008

...And for fun

Here are some eye looks. They looked from the last days.

mark ffi south beach eye
I used 
-UDPP as a primer

-NYX Jumbo eye stick in yogurt on inner half of eye and pacific on outer half  (Before, I didn't like them because they were too creamy, but after watching MakeupbyTiffanyD (link on sidebar), I decided to try it again.  Instead of just dragging the stick on the lid, I just dabbed and spread the color with a wide concealer brush.  Much better, and no creasing!)

-mark. Flip For It palette in south beach, which can be seen here.

- Maybelline Define-a-Lash (meh)

-Prestige brow pencil in Taupe

-Ulta brow gel in Light Brown

mark FFI palette in London
This look is from the mark. Flip for It palette in London (I love this palette, the taupe is lovely)
Also in this picture, I used 
-mark. matte chance primer
-mark. face xpert foundation in medium
-nyx jumbo eye stick in yogurt and purple
-moustache from flickr

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Primer time!

So, at one point I just gave up on primers.  They either left me lumpy or greasy.  I always had high hopes, and I would always get let down.  It was like the companies purposefully bottled up disappointment for many to share.  However, on a whim, I decided to try two primers; one was on purpose and the other was by accident.  I am really, really, really in love with one, and the other is good, but not excellent.

1) Coastalscents Diva Defense Primer
price: 8 grams for $14.95; 1/2 tsp. for $2.00

I really, really, really am enjoying this primer.  I bought a sample on a whim while I was in the process of replenishing my shea butter supply (they have great shea butter too), and I am very glad I did.  This primer is in powder form, and I thought I would mostly use it under my EDM foundation, but then I decided to try it with liquid foundation.  I have so many bottles of liquid foundation, and I want to make a dent in the collection.  The thing with some of the liquid foundations I have is that they don't always hold up to oily skin.  However, this face primer has breathed new life into the foundations that couldn't go the extra mile.  I have tried other powder primers, and they either aren't smooth enough, don't let the liquid foundation glide on well, or they break me out.  Diva Defense is perfect.

Diva Defense is a white powder, but it goes on absolutely transparent.  The powder has a little iridescence, but once on the skin it really can't be seen.  After the powder is buffed in, my face looks even and very slightly poreless; you can still see that I have human skin, but it just looks better.  Then, I apply my foundation of choice (right now, I am gravitating towards mark. face xpert, which without the primer is good, but doesn't quite hold up to the oilies.  However, with diva defense, it's GREAT.).  It's interesting because as I am applying the foundation, I can feel the primer really grab onto the foundation without hindering the blendability.  The foundation feels more substantial, without feeling heavy or overbearing.  In addition to the primer preparing a wonderful canvas, the primer also seems to seal the foundation.  After applying the foundation, my "made up" face holds up for the entire day, and there are some days that are super long.  In addition, I tend to rub my face during moments of stress, which teaching definitely induces, and when I do so, I expect my face to feel oily, but amazingly my face feels fresh and dry.  Let's see, what else...Oh, a little goes a long way.  I have a sample size, and it will last me a long time even with daily use.

This primer really is like putting on an excellent paint primer on.  You don't need a lot of coats; you can see the paint just gliding on and the finished product looks smooth and even. 
A friggin' A+

Rating: 5 out of 5 happy wallets

coastalscents swatch
coastalscents buffed

2) mark. Matte Chance mattifying lotion
price: $15.00 

Hmm...this primer is...I guess I just have a love/hate relationship with this primer.  I want to love it, but the lotion just isn't trying hard enough.  First of all, I really don't like the packaging.  I love mark., but sometimes they pick the worst packaging available.  The gimmicky contraption is a airless, strawless pump.  I don't even know if I can explain how this thing dispenses lotion, but I will try.  So, there is this lid, take off the lid.  Then you see the the top of the jar, in the middle of the top there is a covered opening. (still with me?) To gain access to the lotion without unscrewing the top and dipping your finger in the jar, you press down on the top of the jar.  As you press down, the opening in the center is unveiled--you see, the top is flush with the covered opening when the top isn't pressed down--and the lotion is supposed to come squirting out.  Note I said "supposed to"; as it turns out, the lotion doesn't always want to squish out, and the top doesn't always want to function, so there are times when I have to unscrew the top and dip my finger in the jar.  This action of last resort defeats the contraption's purpose.  There are other times when I finally get the mechanism to work, and too much lotion squirts out, which I just leave on the top for later use.  Blah, I think I might have gotten a defective jar, but seriously, they could have just put the lotion in a nice little squeeze tube.

Alright, after fighting with the jar and the airless pump and finally getting the lotion, I put some lotion on my nose, cheeks, and chin.  These sections are the oiliest on my face.  I put the lotion on after my moisturizer because this lotion does not have spf.  The lotion is thickish, creamy with a touch of airiness, white, and pleasant smelling.  I make sure to smooth in the lotion as best as possible because if I don't, the foundation application could be problematic.  Once the lotion dries, my face feels really smooth and even.  The effects remind me of the effects the Monistat Anti-Chafe silicone-based gel.  Then I glide on my foundation, also face xpert, and the foundation does not struggle with the primer.  However, unlike the Diva Defense, my face still looks a little too dewy for my taste.  Throughout the day, my foundation stays on my face, but I get a touch of oil breakthrough on my nose and cheeks.  Sometimes, I even notice pooling.  So, it feels like I am back at square one. 
 To tell you the truth, I think this lotion just can't handle the foundation and the moisturizer.   After I started considering what this primer could handle, I decided to try the lotion without moisturizer first.  Instead, I applied this lotion, then I applied a tinted moisturizer (mark. c-thru).  The primer performed much, much better without the moisturizer under it.  The next test will be the lotion and just foundation, but  I will have to try that at night because of the lack of spf.  As of now, I have relegated this primer to quick days or night events.  I will use this up, but I will not rebuy.  This just might work for normal/combo skin, but proceed with caution if you have overactive oil glands.  In addition, I think mark. is asking too much money for this jar.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 happy wallets (I really hate the packaging, and I really don't care for the price.)

matte chance

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quick! Call the fuzz! There's a bandit on the loose...and it's me

Yesterday, I went around the mall and shopping centers to find fun, little stocking stuffers for Christmas.  Not much really piqued my interest until I went to TJ Maxx.  I was there for about 45 minutes, I looked at the purses, shoes, socks, jewelry, men's stuff, baby clothes (why is there more girl stuff than boy stuff?), and finally I landed myself in the beauty section.  I love that Marshall's and TJ Maxx have expanded their beauty section.  Not only can you find spa products, but now you can find hair tools and products and makeup.  I had noticed that they had some Lancome shadows, lippies, and concealers, but most of them had been violated by ruffian customers who have no regard for makeup lovers who come in after them.  I was about to quit my search because I found what I needed for other people, but then I saw this peculiar lady with burly hair, and she was looking intently at a shelf full of extravagantly decorated boxes.  So I milled around while she finished looking (I kept my distance so as not to rush her, no worries.).  I am so glad I did because I found some awesome buys!  Now, as many of you know, I do not necessarily like to splurge on makeup, and I like finding bargains whenever I can.  It is only when I know that I can't find a substitute that I will pay more.  However, my reluctance to pay a lot does not mean I don't appreciate the nicer things.  
Anyway, back to the story.  After seeing what the woman was looking at, I fully understood why she was so intently inspecting the boxes.  As it turns out, TJ Maxx got shipments of Lancome brush cases with five brushes and six-shadow palettes.  Both were priced at $14.99.  My heart fluttered.  I really have not been buying makeup, so this was a nice reward for practicing temperance. 
 I quickly grabbed both items and inspected them fully.  They were in mint condition, and I put them in my basket.  The brush set comes with a highlighting brush (skunk brush), liner brush, crease brush, regular shadow brush, and fluffy crease brush (usually for blending or light crease work).  The case is tri-fold and seems to be magnetized.  The brushes' handles are on the shorter side, but they are still comfortable to use, and the bristles are soft.  This is an excellent travel case, and a great stocking stuffer.  
The palette is lovely.  It is called Topaz kisses.  I love the packaging, and usually I do not fall for packaging.  The case is red, shiny, and it has a criss-cross feminine design.  There is a full mirror inside and the six shadows.  The shades range for pearly white to dark, midnight blue.  There are some shimmery shades and some matte shades.  This palette works great for night and day, no doubt.  I have just swatched them, so I can't give you a full update on quality, but they swatched really well.  The color in pigmented and intense (one layer of application is soft, and the colors can be built upon), and the texture is soft.  Again, this is another wonderful stocking stuffer.  I think that I am really going to enjoy the brush case, absolutely.  

Here are pictures:

lancome purchases

brush case closed

lancome brush set, brushes exponsed

Lancome eye palette in Topaz Kisses

Lancome Topaz kisses palette

swatches Topaz kisses

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Foundations-R-Us part 2

Finally, I am pretty much done with the semester.  I just have to give three finals, grade those, and I am home free.  Yay, reviews, hauls, and books here I come.  I have finally gotten back into the fun of wearing makeup.  I forgot how lost in the process I get.  The other night the Scholar and I were going to a holiday party and we ran late because I was having so much fun doing my face.  It happened again today.  I was getting ready for the dentist and I decided to use one of the mark. palettes and I just go lost in the shimmer and the blues.  I was three minutes late to the appointment, which was better than I thought I would be, but I definitely learned my lesson.
  Note to self: allot more time for makeup application so that you don't run late on a regular basis.  

Anyway, I finally had time to take pictures of some foundation swatches and finish this installment of foundations for NC 35-40.  So here we go.  Are you excited?  I know I am.

1) NEW Clinique Superfit
Price: $20.50
Shade: Golden Beige.  I really enjoy this foundation.  I was wearing Revlon Colorstay on my oily skin, but I got tired if its heaviness, and I really wanted to venture into other foundations out of fear of falling into a rut, which is quite curious because all I have wanted to do is be loyal to makeup products.  Alas, my heart is impetuous.  Well, I digress.  I was a little worried about trying this foundation because previous Clinique experiences have left me splotchy, pooly, and orange.  I really did not want to look like an oompa loompa.  I purchased this gem at a Sephora where I could take the time to really assess what shade really worked for me.  After trying five shades, I finally decided on Golden Beige, which I believe is in the medium range.  The shade works perfectly.  I have been wearing this foundation off and on for two months, and every time I am outside in the natural light I am sure to look for any demarcation lines.  I have been really happy to not find any.  In addition, I have NOT turned ORANGE.  The weight is light, the coverage is medium to full, and the lasting power is excellent.  I get a glow, not a melting face shine.  I will say that I have been using the Coastalscents diva defense primer (review coming) underneath, so this might be pushing up the shine-proof element.  The consistency is liquidy, which makes blending and application easy, and the foundation dries to a powdery matte finish (my favorite finish).  I pat some additional foundation on the trouble area.  
I also really like the small bottle the foundation is packaged in.  The opening is dropper style, which is great for keeping the foundation clean, and the bottle is easy for travel.  I am pleasantly surprised with this foundation.
2) mark. old Face Xpert (misspelling is trendy!)
Price: $8
Shade: medium.  I know they have revamped the line and the shades, but I still have one bottle of this, and I know that there probably are some bottles of this floating around makeupalley swap lists.  As far as the new shades go, medium is a little lighter than natural, and a little darker than buff.  Also, medium is a little peachier than both new shades.  Buff and Natural are more yellow.  Either way, medium does blend well if you do not have super yellow undertones.  Ok, on to the review.  I have had a love/hate relationship with this foundation.  I love the way it glides and blends into my skin.  I love the little bottle, and I love that it doesn't have an SPF.  Oh yeah, and I really enjoy the price and the fact that it doesn't break me out.  I hate the sponge-tip applicator and the fact that sometimes it doesn't fare well with my oily skin.  Therefore, I usually wear this foundation during the winter and shelve it during the summer. In addition, sometimes the color feels a little off.  However, and this is a big "however," I am growing to love this foundation more and more each day.  For some reason, I decided to grab this foundation the other day, and I have been wearing it religiously for the last two weeks.  For some reason, it is not sliding off of my face, even when surrounded by heat, and the color is matching just right.  The foundation is also lasting all day for me with very minimal transfer.  I think this 180 degree performance can be partially attributed to the primers I have been trying out: coastalscents diva defense (performing swimmingly) and mark. matte chance (pretty good).  If you have oily skin, try the foundation samples before you buy a full bottle.  I know it is only $8, but if it doesn't work it occupies space and that is just annoying.  The coverage is medium to mid-full.  You can build up on this foundation, but it won't build up to total full coverage.  The consistency is light and creamy, and it dries to a mildly glowy powder finish.  This foundation is a cinch to blend.
I will say that the sponge-tip applicator is the pits.  I use it to dab on the foundation, but it really is gimmicky and cumbersome.  I would live if mark just totally revamped the packaging.
(mark. photo from

3) CoverGirl  Advanced Radiance Age-Defying Compact foundation (the foundation that is just like AquaSmooth)
price: about $8-10
Shade: Soft Honey.  I love compact foundations.  I love powder finishes.  I like swipe-and-go foundations, and this is just it on all three accounts.  However, sometimes this foundation hates oily skin, so I really have to use it when there is zero humidity and cool to cold temperatures.  (If you have normal skin this foundation can be your best friend.  If you have dry skin, then you must moisturize first.  Us oilies must use a very competent primer, like coastalscents diva defense.) CoverGirl tends to have really poopoo shades.  They go from super pink to super orange.  Luckily, there are two or three shades that are realistic, and I happen to find one of them.  Soft Honey is a great shade for the NC35 days.  This foundation is truly buildable, very blendable, and beautifully easy to apply.  The foundation comes with a sponge, but I like to use my fingers for better distribution control.  Watch out though, this foundation can easily cake because it goes from medium to full coverage in less than four seconds, and it can transfer.  The "age-defying" does nothing.  The only reason I bought this over the Aquasmooth is because I heard that the shade was a little browner (for lack of a better word) than the same shade in Aquasmooth, but honestly, I can't tell the difference.  Oh, and this doesn't have the interesting smell that the Aquasmoooth has, or at least I can't smell it.
The compact is long and awkward, but I really wouldn't reapply this because of the cake factor.  Overall, I nice addition to the compact collection.  If you want to try it out, buy it when it is on sale.

Revlon Colorstay with Softflex for Oily/Combo skin
Price $11-13
Shade: Warm Golden and Natural Tan.  This review will be short because Colorstay foundations are a staple in many makeup or trial bags.  I will focus on the shades.  Remember how the old version of Colorstay had pinkish hues to them.  Well the new Colorstay is more diverse in its hues.  There still are pink-toned foundation, which is necessary, but now they have incorporated some yellow-based shades too.  Warm Golden and Natural Tan have more yellow than pink in them.  I love Warm Golden, this shade is for my paler days, like say NC30.  I can work it on NC35, but it can be a stretch.  On my more sunkissed days I blend Natural Tan with Warm Golden to get the closest match possible.  I can't tell you the ratio of the color mixture because I eye it, and it changes sometimes.   This foundation is great on my yucky skin days, or when I am just craving heavier coverage.  The blendability is not stellar, but it is better than it was before.  The bottle is still glass and frustrating.  The price has gone up and the amount you get has decreased a touch.  If you would like to test it out, make sure you get it on sale.  I am not sure it is worth full price just to try it.  You can always return it, but it feels better when it is on sale.

Wishing you happy faces and happy wallets.  More to come.  

Friday, November 21, 2008

I have been gone for a while.

I am so sorry that I have been gone for so long.  I have been bogged down by work, but the semester is almost over, and I am really near the end. YAY!!!

I have to grade several, meaning many, research papers and the final exams.  Once that is out of the way, I will be back on track. I have all of the makeup lined up to review.  

So, please forgive my delay, and I promise this blog that I will be back.  I will triumph!

On another note, hopefully, I will find out next week what sex the baby is.  I think it is going to be a boy.  Ahh, I have a baby growing inside me.  Wild!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

*cue soap opera music* As the foundations rotate...(part 1)

I had vowed to myself a while ago that I would write about the foundations that work for a NC 35-40 (MAC foundation system) person.  After thinking I was NC40 for a while, I have come to realize that I am more of a NC35 most of the time.  It is only during the really warm weather that I truly become a NC40.  I, like any true makeup lover, have many foundations that cater to the two tones.  On any given day, you can see me mixing, matching, and adjusting the different foundations to get the shade just right.  I actually like the entire process, I feel like a mad chemist.  I guess that is how some of the small makeup companies start, anyway.  Most of these foundations are drugstore or etailer.  I tend to get them on sale to ease the blow.  I did recently "splurge" and get a Clinique foundation, but, honestly, the price wasn't very far from the drugstore prices.  Was it really a splurge? No, not really.

Alright let's start with the powders first
palladio everlasting tan
1) Palladio Natural Rice Dual Wet/Dry foundation
Price:$9.00 at Sally's Beauty Supply.  I do have a review written up on it here.
Shade: Everlasting Tan.  This shade works well for my NC35 days.  It covers brilliantly, and lasts all day on my oily skin (although my oilies have eased up).  One thing, this shade does have a tinge of pink in it.  So if you are super golden, forget it.  

natural and honey
2) Mark. Powder Buff Natural Skin Powder Foundation
Price: $8.00 at,
Shade: Honey Skin.  This is a NC40 day shade.  I tend to use it during the summer days now that I have realized that I am a touch lighter.  I did wear this every day for several colder months (aka the light-skin months) without really realizing that I might have a demarcation line.  Anyway, I liked this compact so much I used up the first one, which is a milestone for me.  I ordered a second one, and I absolutely love the finely milled powder.  The powder just melts into my skin and gives me a flawless look.  Since the powder is so finely milled, it really does not leave a chalky residue.  It does leave my skin matte, but I really do like the matte look.  You can apply this powder foundation with a sponge or with a powder brush.  Of course, the sponge will offer the heaviest coverage, which is full.  Sometimes, I just use the powder as a concealer, and I love it!  These mark. shades were introduced last year, and they are more yellow based than they were before. If you are on the cooler side, then I don't know if this will work for you.  If you are warm and golden, then yes, you are in the right spot.

3) Mark. Powder Buff Natural Skin Foundation (again!)
Price: $8.00 at and
Shade: Natural.  This is a step above the Honey shade, which is more fitting for my regular shade, NC35.  The rest of the review above applies to this shade.  Excellent buy.  I will say that this powder kind of reminds me of MAC Studio Fix without the breakouts.  Oh, and I believe these are oil-free, and they feel super light on the face.

4) Everyday Minerals Matte Foundation
Price: full size-$12 at
Shade: Buttered Tan.  Yeah, I am a food group, yum, butter.  I love that name.  With Everyday Minerals, the shades darken as the formula intensifies.  I also have Buttered Tan in the intensive formula, but it is a touch darker (better for NC40 days).  The Matte formula works swimmingly for my NC35 days.  I love that the matte does a pretty good job of controlling my oilies, and it really covers beautifully.  These powder last forever, and a little goes a long way.  I have a review and swatches here.

5) Everyday Minerals Intensive Foundation
Price: full size-$12 at
Shade: Golden Medium.  This is a nice alternative to Buttered Tan.  Golden Medium is under the olive category, however, it does look a touch more yellow than Buttered Tan.  I like both. I bought it because I could, and sometimes I alternate if I feel more yellow.  Makeup is emotional and makeup should adjust to those moods.  I have this shade in intensive because the other formulas are too light for me.  The intensive formula is really nice.  Although it doesn't fend off the oilies as well as the matte formula, it makes the effort.  In addition, this offers superior coverage.  I like to wear this when my skin just absolutely hates me.  You can look at the link above for pictures.

Now, for the liquids

1) Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Liquid foundation
Price: about $9 to $10 at local drugstores
Shade: Light Beige, medium 0.  This is definitely not for oily skin, and it really doesn't offer a ton of coverage. I wanted to like it, but I looked like a grease-filled frying pan within several hours.  Not Fun.  I don't know how much "mineral" it has in it, but it definitely imparts luminosity.  This would work well for less oily, less blemished skin.  I love the dropper style bottle it comes in.  The color range is not bad.  I found an excellent match in Light Beige; unfortunately, this shade is not in many of the other lines.  The shade does have a touch of pink in it, but it is warm enough to make it blendable into warmer skin.  This works well for my NC35 days.

revlon active
2) Revlon Colorstay Active Light Makeup foundation
Price: around $12-13 at local drugstores (buy on sale)
Shade: True Beige, 08.  This is more spreadable than the regular colorstay, but not by much.  It really does not feel lighter than the regular colorstay.  As a matter of fact, I prefer the regular one (when I say regular, I mean the Colorstay with softflex in the glass bottle.  I know the original, original one is long gone.) to the active formula.  I really can't find an awesome match with the active formula since there is less of a selection.  True Beige is a little cool on me, and I have to mix it with the Golden Beige of the same formula.  True Beige is closer to my NC40 days (actually, it can even look a little darker), but the cool undertones are still kind of noticeable, so I usually have to always combine this with something else.  I use this foundation as an adjuster color, really.

3) Revlon Colorstay Active Light Makeup Foundation
Price: around $12-13 at local drugstores (buy on sale)
Shade: Golden Beige, 07.  definitely a better shade for my NC35 days, still has a touch of pink, but it is more manageable.  I mix this with a pin size of True Beige on my NC40 days, when I feel like wearing this foundation at all.  One reason I even wear this foundation is because of the container.  It is great for travel, and if I lose it I won't cry.  So this is not a priority, but it works.

wnw tm
4) Wet 'n Wild Ultimate Sheer Tinted Moisturizer
Price: around $3 at local drugstores
Shade: Tan.  I have a review here.  I really like this tinted foundation, and contrary to the name, it is not sheer.  This provides solid, medium coverage.  Not bad at all.  This specific shade works well for NC35, and it has more yellow than Revlon Golden Beige in the active formula.  I really enjoy this foundation when I am in a rush.  I think it will definitely get worn in the upcoming colder months. Definitely!

swatches 2

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Do you remember Ramona the Pest? Remember how she was curiously committed to the idea of pulling on one of the her classmate's curly tendrils?  BO-ING, BO-INGG.  Ok, ok, one more time, BO-ING.  It is just so amusing to pull on curls.  I like to call curls "Nature's slinky."  Why buy the mad-made slinky when you can just befriend a curly-haired person, right?  Plus, nature's slinkies are easier to detangle: man-made ones, no so much.

Anyway, as stated before, I am letting my hair grow out.  I went through a phase where I wanted straight, shorter hair: the Rihanna look.  Well, I got a haircut and a relaxer.  I have gotten relaxers, but Queen Fierce is the one who usually does the entire process.  I have never had problems with relaxers, ever.  I ignored my gut and went to a salon to pay a ton of money for a service that cost pennies at Queen Fierce's home.  Well, long story short, I looked hot for about two weeks after the new 'do, and then my hair started to break off.  I freaked out for about two days.  After the panic, I went to the Queen Fierce with my tail in between my legs and said, "Let's just go back to basics.  Cut it all off."  I have kept it short for some time, and the next time I decided to tame my curl, I went to Queen Fierce.  No problem.  One thing, short hair takes a lot of maintenance, and for some reason, my hair grows really fast (or at least it feels that way).  So, I would get a mild relaxer, hair would grow, hair got cut, and I would have the natural curl again (I was going for the Mia Farrow pixie).  After several upkeeps, I said "Forget this, I am growing out my hair, au natural."  Plus, times are tough, and I need to prioritize my disposable income, ya heard?  (I'm stalking the makeup counters, I am thinking about buying a new foundation.)

So, it's back to playing with products that define curl; it's back to headbands, scarves, and barrettes; it's back to the BO-ING!

I'm bringing BO-ING back, Justin.  Maybe you should follow me.

Anyway, I have never stopped using my staple everyday conditioner, Aussie Deeeep 3 minute miracle.  However, I just leave it in for like 2880 minutes.  Since my hair is one the dryer side, I don't have to wash it very as often; it soaks up everything.  Aussie Deeep isn't heavy, sticky, filmy, or gross in my hair.  In addition, the conditioner has wonderful slip, and it preserves my curl pretty well.  I usually have to wear another product with the conditioner.  I have so many hair products, I could open my own shop.  I was trying t use up what I had, but I got bored.  The other day when I was in the pharmacy to pick up prenatal vitamins (I have just graduated from my first trimester, and this is my first baby.  Let's hope everything goes well.), I swung by the hair aisle.  I found this John Frieda silicone/gel hair product called "Clearly Defined."  I contemplated and say, "sure, why not."  I used it yesterday, and I have to say that I do like it, overall.  Here's a breakdown:

Consistency:  More gel than silicone.  It is very clear, has nice slip and feels light but substantial in my hand.  There are little silicone beads that seam to evanesce.  I have to use several pumps for my hair because I like to make sure everything is coated.

Hold: Firm.  Does it feel touchable, kind of.  I definitely feels like I have product in my hair.  However, once the hair is dry, I can smooth out any sharp, crisp curls to make the hair look fluffier, but still defined.  I don't like the "wet look,"  I like the "defined but approachable look."
I also did not notices any flakiness.

Smell: Pleasant, floral, fruity, clean

Frizz-control: Very nice!

Drawbacks:  The bottle says that it imparts shine, but I didn't notice a ton of shine.  Once the hair was dry I had to use a little coconut oil to add the crucial shine.  Also, and I don't know if this is due to the hormones, but my hair feels a touch dry.  To be fair, my hair has been feeling this way, though.

2nd day hair: Nice, very nice.  I just had to rake my hand through my hair to fluff the flattened curls.  I twisted some of the curls to refresh the definition, but I was impressed.  I have a touch of frizz, but nothing that can't be twisted/patted down.  

Overall:  I am impressed with this product.  To compensate for the lack of shine, I will use shea butter or coconut oil, but I feel like my hair needs that anyway.  I will let you know if my opinion changes.  Oh, and by the way, the bottle says that it can be used for straight hair too, like before a blow out.  So, it's not strictly for the slinkies.  

4.5 out of 5 happy wallets
Price: about $7, buy it on sale!

Here are pics of the growing hair and product
First day

Second day (and Hand model audition)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hmm..I love this smell

Photo by Mark Coldren found at

Every fall I thank God I am alive to witness it. I absolutely love seeing the changing colors, feeling the warmth that only a cool fall evening can bring, and I love the anticipation of Halloween. And even though I hate candy corn (I overdosed on it a while back, and ever since then I can't bear to smell it), I love the idea of having it around. I just absolutely love fall. I come alive after experiencing the swampy drain of the summer heat.

It's amazing, the minute the first orange leaf drops to the bare ground, I immediately get an urge to change my hair color, do my nails, buy bold lipsticks--of which I already have too many in my makeup drawer--and sport lush lashes. The cold air makes me want to look sophisticated and well put together 24/7.

I always gravitate towards plums during this season. I love plummy lips and a hint of purple around the eye. I also really appreciate the smudgy plum eye look. Hmm, makes me want to eat my face.

So, excuse me while I go paint my nails a deep burgundy and whip out the plum lipstick. One thing though, I have to find a nice chocolate brown hair dye. That shouldn't be so hard, right?

BTW, anyone notice that all of the Allure covers look the same. The women always have deeply contoured noses, smokey eyes, light lips, and straight, side swept bangs. Ms. Linda Wells needs to step back and be reminded of the variety in this nation, actually, in this world.

Tip of the of day: It's allergy and cold season. More people are coughing and sneezing into their hands. We all do this, unless we wear face shields there is not much to be done. However, always remember to not shake hands immediately after spraying your hands. Just acknowledge the awkwardness and say, "Whoops, I just dispensed a mist of germs in my hand, and I'd rather not give your hand a taste of it. Let's just rub elbows. Yeah, much better." Unless of course, you don't like the person. If so, taint away, my friends, taint away.

Muah! Inexpensive, but still quality, kisses to all.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hi Blog, how are you?

I haven't been around you, blog, in a while.  This teaching gig's got me really busy, and when I am not prepping or grading, I am catching a break.  I really do miss you, my dear sweet blog.  I have even been wearing makeup again.  For instance, the other day, I did a cat eye using Revlon Colorstay pencil eyeliner.  I usually use liquid eyeliner because pencil eyeliner smudges and makes me look like a two-year-old applied my makeup.  

I was motivated to try the pencil liner because of lack of tools.  I just wanted to line and go.  Well, my ever patient blog, I am glad I did not have my favorite brush for liquid liner.  The Colorstay pencil liner glided on, made a perfect line, was easy to manipulate, and lasted all day.  The liner even lasted through a nap without fading or smudging.  I was in awe, absolute awe.  I think this will be my signature look for the fall: pencil-drawn cateye.  Nice!

Anyway, how is everyone?  Any fun new purchases?  I haven't been checking up on the awesome blogs on my blog roll.  I need to catch up.  I swear, I yearn for December when class is over, and I can actually go back to swimming in my makeup storage.

Oh by the way, awesome discovery today!  I met one of the managers who works at the Sephora distribution center in my area.  He is in charge of the the online department of Sephora.  You ladies are definitely keeping him busy, and he totally know about


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Inspired by Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini has a fun "6 Random things" entry on her blog, and it has inspired me to do my own.

1) I love watching the Disney channel. My favorite show is "Life with Derek," which is an awesome Canadian show about a his and hers family. It focuses on the children's shenanigans, and Derek is the brother who always causes the headaches. Hannah Montana is my least favorite, but I will watch it regardless.

2) I have a very specific way of folding my underwear. I like to trifold the undies vertically and then fold them in half. It's the only way I can contently put them away in the drawer. If anyone folds it different, I refold it my way when s/he isn't looking.

3) I ate the flavored lip balm Avon used to sell when I was a kid. I also used to eat sticks of butter when I was a kid. Kind of gross.

4) I love black olives, I can eat an entire jar in one setting.

5) I have been reading the same book for more than 5 months. I think it might be time to move on.

6) I can't wait to have gray hair. I wan't to be a silver fox. Hawt!

Marisol, I hope you start a trend with the random things. I think reading them is fun. Others, join in on the fun.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Do I look like the young Coco now?

So last night, I took a break from doing laundry, washing dishes, preparing for class, grading papers, and listening to Disney shows in the background (Did I mention that I still watch Disney?  I'm almost 30. hmm...).  I raced to my treasure trove of makeup, scurried to my awesome bathroom that needs to have the shower recaulked, and prepared for the orgasmic experience of transforming myself from a blotched face with oily lids to a blotched face with a rockin' smokey eye.  I was inspired by the Coco Chanel biopic on Lifetime.  I couldn't find a screenshot on the internets, but the eye was a super subtle, gray eye that works lovely during the day.  The eye is not obvious, while definitely creating a seductive look.  I added a little drama because I got carried away by the exhilaration of makeup application.  I think I could still sport it during the day without looking like I just walked down the hall of shame after a mind-blowing night playing monopoly.  

Anyway, I used the Revlon colorstay quad in "Smokey Rose."  I really haven't touched this quad in a really long time, and after using it last night, I regret neglecting it for so long.  The texture is silky smooth, the pigment is not as heavy as MAC or other high end shadows, but it is comparable to WnW or NYX (some NYX shadows may be a touch more pigmented).  The colors are blendable and longlasting.  I really like these quads for everyday wear.  I also used mark. eyeliner in "Jet" and Cover Girl Lash Blast in Black.  The lippie is mark. in "Ruby Glaze."

Oh yeah, I have to pluck the eyebrows. sorry about that.
Much love.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

So listen

I think I have stated this before, but  I have not worn makeup in more than two months.  I have not bought makeup in more than three months.  I have become addicted to chapstick, and I am enjoying the comfort of granny panties (the ones that surpass the belly button).  My girly card will soon be revoked.  My sixth sense is already alerting me to the notice letter that the Commission on Girliness is going to send on Monday.  

But I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, last night I briefly watched the Coco Chanel biopic on Lifetime.  The woman who was playing the young Coco had a lovely, light-handed gray smokey eye.  I immediately loved it, and I felt a tinge of motivation to try it out this week, probably on Tuesday when I have time.  I plan on using a Revlon Quad that I have, then I plan on taking photos, then I plan on writing about the orgasmic experience of applying makeup (I don't remember what it feels like).  Then I plan on falling into the routine again.

Then I plan on shaving my legs, then I plan on turning off the TV.  Actually, if anyone has any tips on how to cut back on TV watching, please share.  I am kind of hating the fact that I am watching so much TV.  Here is the other thing, I have been watching way too much political stuff, and I am getting stressed out about it.  Seriously, I can't wait until November; I just want to get it over with.  I am ready to either cry incessantly and feel depressingly hopeless, or feel inspired, validated, and reassured.

Anyway, everything else is going okay.  Classes are going well, and I have no problem with time flying by when it comes to this specific task.  The rest can go as slow as it wants.

Alright, back to planning.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

To hell with it, I'm opening up

Confession: I have not worn much makeup for more than three weeks.  I look at all of the pretty colors, but  I just don't feel inclined to do anything with my awesome face.  However, things will change tomorrow.  You see, the thing is...I am starting a new job tomorrow.  I will be teaching at a community college for the first time ever.  I have to look presentable and serious.  These people are investing in their education and I don't want to distract them with my makeupless face.  I think I am going to take a cue from Pink Sith and go for the taupe eyeshadow.  I think  I will layer the mascara.  I'm also gonna do a red stain on the lips.  I am thinking about the makeup because, deep down, I am really nervous about this gig.

I have taught before at a high school level.  I enjoyed teaching, but I have yet to find my true niche.  I am dying to find my niche in education.  Maybe this will be it, either way, it will bring me one step closer to some type of final destination.  I am in the process of finalizing my syllabus, I feel a touch rusty.  Hopefully it will all come back to me, Meatloaf and Celine Dion style (remember that mesmerizing duet? Friggin' Awesome.).

Oh yeah, and I am letting my hair grow out and I am going au natural.  I have am rocking a very sweet mini-afro.  I can't wait to wear headbands again.   I am also satisfying my hankering for Trader Joe's Cheetos. Envy me!

That felt good.  I think I will open up more, why not.  Makeup will be the focus, but life spices it up.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Holy crap! that was a heavy rock

Tip #1: Don't google "wet and wild," without including the word "cosmetics." I thought I was going to immediately get fired when I typed in that search entry while at work. When the search results turned up, I could hear the distant, menacing sounds of sirens in the background. I think I heard the commanding footsteps of the What-are-you-doing-searching-for-obscenity-at-work-and-we don't-want-to-hear-an-explanation police. I quickly imagined them grabbing me by my arms and throwing me out of the 8th floor window, except the windows are sealed, and so they would have to walk me down the cold, white, sterile stairs, while yelling "Porn Searcher Walking." I could already hear the gossip hissing out of everybody's mouths. "She searched for 'wet and wild,' no wonder her door was always closed." (My door was always closed because a neighboring office occupant loved speaker phone with the door open.)

How would I buy makeup? Whose ideas was it to call it "Wet n' Wild"? Why do I love makeup so much? Why can't I just focus on work like normal people? Why do I always gravitate towards cosmetic websites that could double for questionable websites in a work setting? Why does my natural dark hair color look so unflattering on me? Why are the villains in telenovelas so evil?

Well as it turns out, no one even noticed that I had inadvertently searched for sexually charged sites. As soon as I realized what the always accurate Google had turned up, I immediately hit the "back" button and added the word "cosmetics" in my search entry. Thankfully, Wet n' Wild cosmetics popped up, and I made a wishlist of goodies.

This blunder happened several years ago, I have finally come around to buying the tinted moisturizer, which is friggin' awesome. Of recently, I have been taking the minimalist approach. I really have been lazy to put on makeup. I don't know why, but I just don't want to deal with it. So several weeks ago, on a whim, I went to Rite Aid and I bought the tinted moisturizer. I had heard raves about it; according to the raves, the moisturizer was like a light foundation that offered mid-medium coverage, it lasted long, and held up to oily skin. I have to say that it's true. This is a wonderful product. Usually the other tinted moisturizers that I have tried are too sheer, and I wonder what's the point.

With WnW, a little goes a long way. I use ball-ended sized pinpoints (you know, the ball-tipped needles that seamstresses always have coming out of their mouths) on my fingers and just spread the TM on my face. I apply a little more if necessary. The moisturizer is very spreadable, nicely creamy without feeling heavy, and moisturizing. My face is left with a light dew, which I subdue with a touch of Everyday Minerals silk dust. When I am done applying, all I have to do is lightly wash my hands, unlike when I wear heavier foundations. It really is a quick and easy application. In fact, the TM is so quick and nice I have been wearing it ever since I bought it. I have not had any breakouts, and I feel finished when I leave the house.

Dude, and it is only $2.99. I know, crazy!!! The quality and price makes me want to be obscene!

Out of habit, I still wear a moisturizer under the TM. It is redundant, but I always forget to skip the initial moisturizer. I imagine I would have less dewiness if I would remember to skip the moisturizer.

One con, WnW seems to not know that there are more than four skin colors in this world. Hellooo, wake up people. Share the wealth with all the skin colors.

4 out of 5 happy wallets (the lack of shade choices is poopoo, serial!) I bought "Tan" for my NC 35-40 skin
price: $2.99, can't beat that!

Tip #2: When you are climbing out from under a rock, make sure you wear comfortable shoes, gloves, and a hat. If you have a portable music device, have that handy too--it will make the time go by quicker.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Angels sang when I first applied the creamy stick of color

I was an awkward teenager, like the majority of girls (I think the majority of women go through this.). I never really felt pretty when I was younger. Now, I have grown to appreciate my chipmunk cheeks and Medusa hair; there is no other option than to love the skin I am in. It takes more energy to hate and alter myself.

Anyway, during my tenure of envying the smooth-haired girls who were born with straight teeth and prominent cheekbones, I was introduced to the magic of lipstick by happenstance. I vaguely remember the entire day, but several details are forever branded in my brain. I remember a mirror, a green tube of Avon lipstick, and a label with the word "crimson" etched on it. I also remember the smell; the lipstick subtlety smelled of floral chemicals used to mask the waxy chemicals, romantic I know. The color was just as the name stated: red, harlot red. You see, this was a moment of self-discovery; I was on the cusp of becoming a teenager, and I was living on a hot and humid island that liked to distress my incredibly curly hair and coax my pores into a revolution. I attended an Evangelical private school that freaked out when I brought in a book about Native American religion. I was caught in between following the rules and rebeling against them by rolling up my skirt so that I could show a little of my honey-colored knee.

Enter the Crimson lipstick, the cornerstone to my self-discovery. I think Queen Fierce gave this lippie to me, maybe just to play around, but I took this mofo seriously. Ensconced in my insecurity, I went against my inner critic and applied this vibrant red color. Suddenly, my inner enemy didn't seem so intimidating. I started to appreciate who I saw in the mirror. The red lipstick highlighted the door to my most prized weapon: my voice. I fell in love with the lipstick. I fell in love with the smoothness, the glide, the manufactured scent, the feeling of vibrancy. I know, it was just a lipstick, but it meant so much more.

I wore the lipstick the next day to school (Queen Fierce let me wear it because she figured I would eventually get tired of it. I did eventually, but I have returned to it.) My teacher scolded me, but I never relented. In fact, it got to a point where the librarian (I used to volunteer in the library during recess) gave me a brand new red lipstick during the holidays: it was Revlon Rococo. One day, a guy called my a whore. The power of red gave me the strength to tell him off. I discovered an inner strength and an inner appreciation, all because of a beautiful red lipstick at the age of 12, maybe 13.

I have ventured into the diverse world of lipstick colors, but I still have a warm spot for red lipsticks. Now I have a collection of lipsticks, and whenever I am in a poopy mood, I swing by the drugstore and explore the lipstick colors.

One of my favorite drugstore lipsticks is the Revlon Super Lustrous line. These are wonderfully moisturizing, they are highly pigmented and they don't dry the lips at all. They last about 4 hours with regular lip action (heavy kissing will cut your time by 3.5 hours, but at least it will look great smeared all over your and your partner's lips). The lippies are incredibly creamy and they have a lovely sheen. These lippies just glide on the lips. They don't have a taste, but they do have a scent. The scent is not floral or fruity (I don't like those), it's more like a neutralizer that helps subdue the natural scent of waxes, pigments etc. It is nothing offensive, but if you have a sensitive nose, then it is something to consider. The scent doesn't last long, once applied I can't smell the lipstick at all. The colors do not change on my lips, they stay true. I really haven't come across a warm color I didn't like. I really love to buy these treats when the drugstore has them on a BOGO sale. I have a field day!

5 out of 5 happy wallets
Price: $7.99 (by it on sale!)

Any fun stories about your first makeup encounters?

revlon lippies

revlon 1st half

2nd half revlon

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Random? Fluff? Almond Butter? sounds like a high caliber Cinemax movie

My kitchen needs replenishing, but I really hate grocery shopping so I try to delay it as much as possible. Sometimes, I get bored of eating the same breakfast food every morning, so I bypass the entire process. However, I regret it later when my stomach loudly protests, while I am talking to someone.

Real Life example:
Me: "Yeah, so last night I was watching this really awesome (the conversation is interrupted by a Grendelian growl 'BRAWOOOOWWWuuuuuuuWOWOOWWWuuuuuu'. Others look around not knowing where to flee)."

Silence, more silence, awkward silence....

Me: Soooo, don't worry that wasn't Grendel, or his mother, it was my stomach. Hmmm, can I have a piece of your bagel? Apparently, I have to feed the inner beast.

Anyway, after many awkward looks, I do my best to not skip breakfast. Today, I had a fabulous feast. I toasted two whole wheat slices of bread, smeared fluff on one slice (holy moly, what a fabulous invention. Queen Fierce just introduced me to this miraculous food product), and I smeared Trader Joe's almond butter on the other slice. I smushed them together and went to town. Take that, lame-ass butter!

Why am I writing this? I don't know, I don't have any makeup around me, and I want to let the five readers know that I am about more than just lipsticks and foundations. I am also about bread and fluff.

Tip of the Day: When using speed dial on your phone, be sure to always make sure you are calling the person intended. If your finger happens to slip and call the wrong person, and it is too late to hang up, play it off. Immediately recover from the shock and confusion by saying "Sorry, someone just asked me a question while the phone was ringing ,'I will get back to you soon, I am on the phone.'" Never admit that you really didn't want to talk to him/her, or that you haven't wanted to talk to the person for the last month. The best rescue line is "Hey, you were in my dream, and I figured I should call you. How's it going?" You won't look or feel like an ass, and the person will feel wanted.

If you really hate the person, you shouldn't have his/her number on speed dial in the first place. Plus, you really won't care about how the person feels, or how you convey yourself. Be as nasty as you want.

Any fun, fast breakfast recipes?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Excellent tips!

I was doing my usual cruising of beauty blogs, when I came across this most excellent post on how to shop for beauty products at drugstores. Since times are tough and the US Government is in a deeper deficit than we thought we were in(whoever inherits the oval office will age Abe Lincoln style in the first year. Damn!), I am having a deeper affinity for finding beauty bargains.

Enjoy these wonderful tips, thanks to Pink Train case!

Monday, July 28, 2008

I think Hellboy could rock the London palette...

So, I went to see Hellboy this week. It was a fun summer movie; I didn't leave depressed and pensive like I did after The Dark Knight. You know, Christian Bale is wonderful and all, but seriously, 2.5 hours of intense insanity is not really a summer flick. It's more like reading the newspaper, watching Fox news, and Nancy Grace all at once.

Okay, on to the mark. London palette.
This palette is Lovely. The dark shade is a matte, deep grape shade, which is rich in pigment. The shadow is smooth, and very blendable. The lighter is a lovely, shimmery taupe shade, which also glides on the lid. These colors work really well together, and you could definitely work these into different looks. I tend to always do the darker outer corner and contouring, but the styles are endless. The two eyeshadows are new (although they might have been around before I joined mark in 2006. Mark. sometimes revives colors). The shadows are long lasting. The blush, however, is not new. I have to say that I was a little disappointed when I saw that the blush was cameo glo, which I already have. However, since I really like the shadows, I won't fully hold it against mark. for recycling colors.

The lippies are, as always, on the sheer side. They still provide a nice hue, but don't expect full pigment or coverage. I really like the deeper plum gloss, on my lips it looks more pinkish. The top left nude shade neutralizes some of the natural pigment in lips, but it's not a full-on nude. The top right pink shade is like the nude, but with a pinker shade. Nothing grand or special; they are just pretty, moisturizing, sheer lip glosses. Good news, they aren't as heavy on the grape scent. However, they still have a sweet taste to them.

I enjoy these flip for its because they are perfect for travel. During my heavy duty traveling days, I would just throw the flips for its in the makeup bag along with my foundation and mascara and go. You really just "need" one. At this point I just like to collect them if I like the colors, but these are not necessities. They are fun toys for makeup lovers.

If you are new to mark., maybe start with individual products. If you are all about collecting, this is a great addition: the eyeshadows are beautiful and the portability is excellent).

3.5 out of 5 happy wallets (Taking off for the repeat blush and the higher price.)
Price: $20.00 (the price went up $2.00)

NYX Doll Eyes Volume mascara

whoops! messy brows

Everyday Minerals Buttered Tan semi-matte foundation (don't worry it doesn't look this light IRL), London palette (the berry gloss).

Tip of the Day: When picking your nose in public, be sure to look around beforehand. If you happen to get caught. Square off and challenge the person with your eyes, "Yeah, I had something in my nose and I was too desperate to wait. Whatcha gonna do about it?" Then quickly run away and pray to God you don't see the person again. Next time, wait until you are in private, although running is an excellent exercise.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I just received two new flip for it's from mark. These are those neat palettes that mark. started releasing about a year and a half ago, maybe two years ago I can't remember. These cases are matte as opposed to the shiny ones before. One problem, I have a hard time matching the shades to the name. These are coming out next month, which is right around the corner.

Anywho, I just wanted to show the pretty colors. I will give a more in depth review a little later. I am watching the Nancy Drew movie right now, and she is about to crack the case.

London and South Beach--eyes, blush


London (green case, one left of the picture)
Eyeshadow 1--Picadilly
Eyeshadow 2--London Bridge
Cheek--Cameo Glo (this is in the regular collection)

Lipcolor 1--proper kiss (that's what I'm talking about)
Lipcolor 2--watermelon
Lip gloss 1--west end pout
Lip gloss 2--Queenie

South Beach(blue case, on right of the picture)
Eyeshadow 1--Ocean Drive
Eyeshadow 2--Deco
Cheek--Golden Glo (this is in the regular collection)

Lipcolor 1--Rumba
Lipcolor 2--Guava
Lip gloss 1--collins drive
Lip gloss 2--flamingo


South Beach

Friday, July 25, 2008

Next, the nails!

I came home and decided to practice one of my favorite looks and experiment with some colors.
I also practiced applying individual lashes.

Neutral eye

Mark. latte e/s on lid
Mark. espresso e/s in crease
Mark. whisper to highlight
Andrea individual lashes
Mark. on the edge e/l in cleo
NYX Doll Eyes Volume mascara


Coastal Scents 88 e/s palette
They don't have the names. It was the darkest green, darkest blue, medium green

mark. on the edge e/l in cleo
NYX Doll Eyes Volume Mascara
Beautique e/l in black inner rim
Fyrinnae montalivet to highlight

Happy face, Happy wallet!!

Friday Night Fever

"Fireworks" by Anna Cervova

It's Friday!! I friggin' love Fridays! It's the day of promise for a better tomorrow, where you, if you have a 9 to 5/M-F, you don't have to wake up early the next day, drag yourself to work, and feel like you have just wasted another 8 hours of your life (dismal, I know. Don't worry, I am doing something about it.).

I cherish my Friday nights. I don't do anything outrageous because half the time I am too lazy to go out, plus I live in a place that well...feels like it has slim pickings. Anyway, I know that I talk to myself on this blog, but I figured I would throw out this question (maybe the Grrl can respond): What are your plans this Friday night? Any fun hauls planned this weekend? Movies?

Me, well the Scholar is in school this weekend, so I am going to chill. I have a romantic movie to watch, I have a moustache that needs to be waxed, nails that need to be done, ice cream that needs to be eaten, and the cherry on top, shirts that need to be ironed. I'm hoping there is at least one good love scene in the movie to make ironing my shirts worthwhile.

I'll throw in a snow cone for good measure, but hold the fluff (that's right, in my area people like their snow cones smothered in fluff. You would throw up if I described how the consistency feels in your mouth. *gags*).

I wish you a merry Friday!

Tip of the day: Narrate your morning routine to yourself when it involves hot appliances (e.g. "I am unplugging the curling iron."). That way when you are in your car, halfway to the office, you don't feel inclined to turn around and check if the curling iron was left on. Instead, you will say "Ahh, I announced to myself that I turned off the curling iron, so my house will not burn down due to that. Carry on."